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We care for orphaned and abandoned children in Latin America and the Caribbean since 1954.
Over 18,200 children have grown up in our loving, secure environment.
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NPH Childcare
Like any parent, we prepare our children to grow into caring, respectful, responsible and productive adults. Each home features family service programs and development opportunities to provide ongoing support and education to both staff and children.
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60 Years of Family Life

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Psychological Support for our Children

Jul. 22 - Bolivia
University, Year of Service, Volunteer, and Honorary Stipends

Jul. 17 - Guatemala
Employee's roofs repair 2014

Jul. 14 - Honduras
Electricity Network Maintenance Is Imperative

Jul. 3 - Peru
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XV Anniversary of NPH El Salvador

Jul. 14 - El Salvador
Vacation Time

Jul. 11 - Bolivia
A New Home and Kitchen Opened This Year.
Jul. 10 - Honduras
Growing in Faith and Fellowship

Jul. 4 - Mexico
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Godparents Needed

Jul. 14 - Mexico

Jul. 10 - Honduras

Jul. 2 - Dominican Republic
The Power of Perseverance

Jul. 1 - Mexico
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