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Children Stories

   Apr. 6, 2014
Read about Ramiro, one of the newest family members in our NPH Mexico high school home.
   Mar. 11, 2014
Read the story of Magaly, a smart young woman with big plans for her future.
   Jan. 9, 2014
Read the story of a strong young girl who recently arrived at NPH with her two younger brothers.
   Dec. 3, 2013
The story of Felipe, a curious young boy who joined our home this past year.
Dilia, A Bright Young Woman with a Promising Future
   Oct. 31, 2013
Read about the extraordinary story of Dilia, the sister that helped raise our little Carlomagno who was featured in last month's article.
A Smile that Warms Our Hearts and Home
   Oct. 4, 2013
After witnessing the extraordinary smile of our seven year old Carlomagno, one would never guess that he had such hard beginnings.
Hope Amid Hardship
   Aug. 14, 2013
Read about our impressive eight year old Christian, who is enjoying his time at NPH and has high aspirations for his future.
From the Streets of Juarez to NPH
   Jun. 17, 2013
Escaping the Violence at the Border
Alexandra and Serena
   May 20, 2013
Twins and Best Friends
The Opportunity to Study
   Apr. 18, 2013
The chance to continue studying after his mothers cancer diagnosis


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Smiles from the daycare in Tegucigalpa
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