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The Latest in NPH Bolivia´s Strides Toward Sustainability
  Jul. 17 - Bolivia
What a Generous Donation from the Austrian Embassy in Lima, Peru Has Meant for Our Young People
XV Anniversary of NPH El Salvador
  Jul. 14 - El Salvador
The legacy that our dear Father Wasson left us continues.
Vacation Time
  Jul. 11 - Bolivia
How the Children at NPH Bolivia Learn More about the World When They´re Off From School
  A New Home and Kitchen Opened This Year.  Jul. 10 - Honduras
Two new facilities at Rancho Santa Fé make our life better.
Growing in Faith and Fellowship
  Jul. 4 - Mexico
The NPH Mexico kids explore their faith through celebrating Confirmations and youth group activities.
Two Special Celebrations
  Jul. 3 - Haiti
Happy Mother’s Day and Godparent’s day from our children in Haiti!
Our Beautiful Young Women Celebrate Fifteen Years
  Jun. 28 - Peru
Taking another step towards adulthood for our young women and men
Young NPH Entrepreneurs Host Third Annual Small Business Event
  Jun. 27 - Mexico
Young NPH entrepreneurs host Pequeños Empresarios, a small business event in the high school as their final project.
A Thousand Reasons to Smile
  Jun. 25 - Haiti
End of school year at Kay Germaine
Brigades improve life expectancy for Hondurans
  Jun. 25 - Honduras
An incredible 122 surgeries were achieved with the brigades this June.
Chikungunya Fever – Baby Jean
  Jun. 20 - Haiti
Threat of epidemic increases in the Caribbean.
The Official Welcome Into Adolescence
  Jun. 19 - Guatemala
Celebrating the "Quinceañeras"
Mixed Feelings
  Jun. 17 - Bolivia
What Visitor's Day is like for children with and without visitors.
A Month Long Expo At Rancho Santa Fe
  Jun. 16 - Honduras
Each year we hold an expo where the goods from the vocational workshops are sold.
Honoring our Fathers
  Jun. 14 - Peru
A celebration for all the tíos, the “fathers” for our children at NPH Peru
A New Threat: Chikungunya fever
  Jun. 11 - Haiti
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Fr. Wasson
(NPH Mexico - 1975)

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