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Congratulations Class of 2014
  Apr. 4 - Mexico
We are delighted to announce the graduations of thirteen university students who are part of our NPH family in Monterrey, Mexico.
One Step Closer to Our Dreams
  Apr. 2 - El Salvador
Nineteen High School Students Achieve a Huge Goal.
Our Special Olympians 2014
  Apr. 1 - Haiti
The Special Needs program has been sent five representatives to participate for the Palm Beach Special Olympics.
A Wild Day At The Zoo
  Mar. 25 - Guatemala
NPH Guatemala takes over the zoo for a day.
History In the Making
  Mar. 21 - Bolivia
The Children Are Fascinated by the History They´re Capturing Togehter
Alfonso Leon Receives The Spirit of Father Wasson Award
  Mar. 19 - Haiti
Congratulations Alfonso for winning this prestigious award for your hard-work and dedication to the NPH family.
NPH El Salvador Begins Lent
  Mar. 14 - El Salvador
Lent offers us the opportunity to reflect on the heart of Christian life.
Always In Style At NPH
  Mar. 10 - Bolivia
Tío Guzman brings in a local barber shop to cut the boys´hair.
Dental Care for Children
  Mar. 10 - Honduras
Two German dentists visit our home to take care of our children's teeth.
Preparing for Their Futures With Lessons In Personal Finance
  Mar. 10 - Mexico
On February 1st our high school women visited the Interactive Museum of Economics for an engaging lesson on personal finance.
Happy Carnival from Haiti
  Mar. 7 - Haiti
We recently celebrated carnival with many parties at all of our schools and homes at NPH-Haiti.
Eating Contest
  Mar. 6 - Dominican Republic
Our recent eating contest was a great way to spend the weekend.
Our Annual Visit From Our Canadian Friends
  Mar. 5 - Peru
The Canadians brought a lot of fun to Casa Santa Rosa
NPH Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary In Mexico
  Mar. 3 - Mexico
Guests from all over the world travel to Mexico to attend the 2014 International Meeting and celebrate the 60th Anniversary of NPH.
Who Is Ready To Play Soccer?
  Feb. 27 - Honduras
Rufino received much-needed surgery pafter his soccer injury.
Visitor's Day
  Feb. 27 - Nicaragua
Days like this are special for the kids and their families.


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