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Molly Hightower and Ryan Kloos
  Jul. 14 - Haiti
Update Friday AM
Two Special Celebrations
  Jul. 8 - Haiti
Happy Mother’s Day and Godparent’s day from our children in Haiti!


A Thousand Reasons to Smile
  Jun. 25 - Haiti
End of school year at Kay Germaine
Chikungunya Fever – Baby Jean
  Jun. 23 - Haiti
Threat of epidemic increases in the Caribbean.
Equinox Celebration
  Jun. 16 - Haiti
We participated in a very special Equinox celebration for our children at St. Helene.
A New Threat: Chikungunya fever
  Jun. 12 - Haiti
We need your help.


Nurses Day Celebration
  May 26 - Haiti
On this special day we celebrated our team of wonderful nurses at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital.
More Than A Blessing
  May 13 - Haiti
The New FWAL St. Louis Homes


US Congress Officials visit NPH Haiti
  Apr. 30 - Haiti
US Congress Officials visit NPH Haiti.
Our Special Olympians 2014
  Apr. 9 - Haiti
The Special Needs program has been sent five representatives to participate for the Palm Beach Special Olympics.


Alfonso Leon Receives The Spirit of Father Wasson Award
  Mar. 19 - Haiti
Congratulations Alfonso for winning this prestigious award for your hard-work and dedication to the NPH family.
Happy Carnival from Haiti
  Mar. 17 - Haiti
We recently celebrated carnival with many parties at all of our schools and homes at NPH-Haiti.


Happy Valentine's Day from FWAL Kindergarten Kids
  Feb. 28 - Haiti
The students at our FWAL kindergarten class celebrated Valentines Day celebrated with plenty of pink, chocolate and love.
Celebrating 27 Amazing Years At Kay St. Helene
  Feb. 24 - Haiti
In January we celebrated the 27th anniversary of our flagship program, Kay St. Helene, with a special mass and program.


Fourth Anniversary of the Earthquake and FWAL   Jan. 31 - Haiti
Remembering four years ago
Earthquake Anniversary
  Jan. 8 - Haiti
4th Anniversary of January 12, 2010 Earthquake
Christmas Highlights
  Jan. 3 - Haiti
All of our programs in Haiti had a great Christmas holiday with music, food and laughter.
Our Friends from Ohio
  Jan. 1 - Haiti
Thank you to Akron’s Children Hospital.


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