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Volunteer Coordinator (and assistant to the visitor coordinator) currently vacant - 1 job for 13 months in NPH Dominican.

Assistant to the Visitor Coordinator: The main task of the visitors’ assistant is to assist the Visitor Coordinator in receiving groups and individuals that visit NPH whether they are people that stay on site for an extended period of time or just pass through during the day.

Depending on the size of the home, the volunteer coordinator may or may not be a full-time job.

Responsibilities include:

  • recruit new volunteers
  • coordinate volunteer orientation
  • arrange living quarters
  • keep volunteers current on events in the home
  • conduct volunteer performance evaluations for the administration
  • act as liaison between the volunteers, staff and administration

Communication can be difficult at time due to the different cultures. To foster a close relationship amongst our staff, the coordinator is responsible for organizing activities for all the volunteers such as parties, movie nights, excursions, and social events. This is very important as the working climate affects the working environment. Requirements for this job are a good command of English and Spanish if working in the Latin American homes. German is also an asset as many volunteers are European. The coordinator needs to work well with many people, have good organizational skills, good judgment and be able to communicate well and be an ambassador of good will throughout the home. Prior experience in one of our homes is a prerequisite for this position.


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Volunteer Naomi with a pequeño.
(NPH Mexico - 2009)

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