Lisset from NPH Dominican Republic

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Lisset from NPH Dominican Republic tells us of her worries during the COVID-19 pandemic in her "Our Voices" letter.

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Dear the World!

I am Lisset and I am 18-years-old. I live at Casa Santa Ana forming part of the NPH Dominican family. I enjoy writing letters. I especially enjoy writing to godparents, telling them how I am and I how I feel. I always love hearing from them too. This time I write to the entire NPH family, and maybe many more people.

I don’t want to start on a negative, but I have to mention COVID-19. After all, it is affecting us all. Not only our country but worldwide. Many countries with great poverty are most affected, such as Haiti, due to a lack of jobs, meaning it is harder to obtain food, shelter, and clothing. Other types of economic situations are also affecting my country, the Dominican Republic, because there are people who have lost their jobs and are at home not being able to do anything. There are a large number of poor families who are subject to government restrictions, who are caught in the middle of the situation. They fear of starvation, but also problems with the police if they disobey the curfew and protocol measures.

There are many people who do not have water and have to hope that other people have the generosity and humility to share with them. This COVD-19 virus is leaving more than thousands of people dead and few have recovered, but with faith and the hope that this pandemic can pass quickly with God’s help, the entire world economy can return to how it was before and that everything works properly again.

With this situation, I have been very uncomfortable because there are many people dying, due to a lack of food, shelter, jobs and other economic difficulties with this COVID-19 virus. The whole world is paralyzed, but the government is taking many measures to help the Dominican people. I am hopeful that this COVID-19 virus will pass as soon as possible, due to the measures that the authorities are taking, so that everything will be the same again, that people can resume their lives and schools will be normal again. In these times I feel worried about my family, because I can’t talk to them, I don’t know how they are physically doing okay, but not financially.

During this pandemic I have been doing various activities, such as having Italian and English workshop that I attend in my free time. I play a little volleyball.

I came to this NPH family on 27 July 2011. In these moments I feel the company of my godparents because they have always been there for me, ready to do whatever it takes for me to have a better future. For me, a godfather is like a father or a mother. They show an interest in helping me and giving me all the necessary support, even though they are not my biological family.

I say thank you to all of you who continue to support us. I know it can’t be easy during these times. But you help us at crucial times.



*Names of have changed to protect the privacy of the child.