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Christmas Eve: A Time for Family, Food, and Fun
Dec. 11 - Bolivia
During the holiday season, NPH Bolivia cooks a large traditional Christmas Eve meal and enjoys a day filled with love and sharing.
The Flavor of Dominican Christmas: Pasteles en Hoja
Dec. 11 - Dominican Republic
San Pedro de Macorís is famous for Pasteles en Hoja and home to NPH Dominican Republic. Make this popular Dominican dish at home and savor the local flavor of the holidays.
Haiti Hero Wins Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Award
Dec. 6 - International
NPH Special Needs Coordinator Gena Heraty is recognized for her dedication in caring for people with disabilities in Haiti.
NPH Guatemala helps homeless volcano victims find shelter and encouragement
Nov. 15 - Guatemala
NPH helps families recover after the 2018 volcano eruption and start new lives.
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A Dominican Youth Explains Why “Christmas is a time to be grateful"
Dec. 11 - Dominican Republic
Christmas customs vary from one country to another, but the love and sense of belonging felt by one 14-year-old boy is common for children in the NPH family.
Christmas Time with 100 Brothers and Sisters
Dec. 6 - Bolivia
Marisabel loves the Christmas season. It gives her a chance to spend time with all her new NPH brothers and sisters.
At NPH Guatemala, Christmas is all about Family
Dec. 6 - Guatemala
A teenager recounts the joys of an NPH holiday and the spirit of sharing.
Marcel: “NPH Haiti Is My New Family”
Nov. 11 - Haiti
NPFS rescues another child from poverty and supports him to live with disability and dignity.
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Our Impact in 2018

  3,090 supported children
  310 new arrivals
  42 university graduates
  308 high school graduates
  88 full time volunteers
  545 Holy Sacraments
  114,566 services provided through community programs


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Jun. 3 - Peru
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Jan. 14 - Mexico
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Dec. 31 - El Salvador
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