Helping Children and Families When They Need It Most

In times of crisis, when children are at their most vulnerable, NPH is there to offer assistance and protection to children in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The scale and scope of a crisis situation can vary widely from one country to another, from one community to another. The emergency may be a natural disaster, civil unrest, political and economic instability, disease outbreak, or a combination of these life-altering events. We provide emergency relief and medical assistance in dire moments of need— giving children, families, and communities safe spaces to not only survive, but also recover.

Your thoughtful donation can go far to help children, young adults, those with disabilities, their families, and their communities in their moment of despair.

Working in nine countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, we help families and communities through the toughest days of their lives. Learn more about our emergency response actions below.

Image of ambulance driving by burning tire in the middle of the road


Political Unrest and Earthquake Natural Disaster

NPH Provides Protection to Children in Latin America | Young man getting his blood pressure measured.


COVID Pandemic


Man in a mask carrying a large brown box.


Hurricane Natural Disaster

You Can Help Our Countries in Crisis