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Send your family and friends greetings with a free, colorful, NPH E-Card designed by famous Latin Artists. In doing so, you support the orphaned and abandoned children of NPH.

These cards are reproductions of Latin Art. The artists live primarily in the countries where NPH works, countries full of rich traditions and talented artists. The artists cooperate with us by donating the rights of reproduction for these images. In this way we can raise funds for the children in a colorful and creative way.

Take a moment to explore the different categories and cards and send an E-Card today.


"Ángeles de la Guarda"
Irma Cervantes
"Árbol de Niños"
Francisca de Diego
"24 de Diciembre"
Ilse Hasse
"25 de Diciembre"
Daniel Romero
"A la Espera"
Argelia Rojas
"A La Rorro Niño"
Irma Cervantes
"Admirando al Niño"
Ilse Hasse
"Adoración al Niño"
Rafael Valejo Muñiz
"Adoración de los Reyes Magos"
Jorge Rosano, Col. Fomento Cultural Banamex, A.C.
"Alegría Mexicana"
Estela Fuentes
"Alegria Navideña"
Miguel García Ceballos
"Alegría Navideña"
Yorbelith Toledo
Heidi Hilt
"Allá viene Santa"
Rafael Vallejo
"Ambiente Festivo"
Hella Roehr von Steinsdorff
"Angel de mis Sueños"
Ilona Locht
"Angel Musical"
Eithne Malcolmson
Julia Lopez


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