The Most Extensive Family in Honduras

NPH Honduras opened its doors in 1985. While the NPH Honduras family is made up of more than 266 children and young people in our residential care programs, thousands of children, adolescents, and families receive services through our diverse programs and projects. NPH Honduras’s operational headquarters are located at the Santa Fe Ranch, “El Rancho,” which is 36 kilometers outside of Tegucigalpa on the Highway to Olancho. Nonetheless, NPH operates family strengthening and social development projects throughout the entire country. In recent years, NPH Honduras has provided direct support to more than 3,000 children and young, among them more than 40 university graduates and more than 300 high school graduates, in different areas. Additionally, NPH Honduras has provided more 6,000 medical attentions and more than 114,000 services through community programs and multiple initiatives that promote family reintegration and the well-being of communities. 

“NPH means a new beginning for our children. It means that they will be loved unconditionally, it means they will be cared for always, it means they will no longer have to wonder where their next meal will come from, it means that from now on they are safe and free to enjoy their childhood as every child should.  

I believe that this love and this security is the glue that keeps our NPH family together, and helps our children and communities through the most difficult times. Together we are strong, together we will weather the storm, together we are family. ”

– Stephen O’Mahony, National Director


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Through residential alternative care programs that create a loving, family environment, NPH Honduras works to restore the basic human rights of vulnerable children and youth under 18 years old. NPH operates protection programs in two residential care centers: our operational headquarters the ‘’Santa Fe Ranch,’’ and the emergency shelter “Casa mi Esperanza”.

NPH Honduras empowers communities and families throughout the country, with the objective of sowing hope in vulnerable children and youth so that they become agents of change, fulfill their dreams, build a better future, and create a more just society. We implement different prevention initiatives and projects through the San José Family Center in the community Mata de Plátano, a Community Center located in Talanga, the “Small Steps” daycare center in Tegucigalpa, the academic scholarship program “Education’s Friends”, our family strengthening program for former beneficiaries “Hermanos Mayores” and the Humanitarian and Health Emergencies Response Team. 

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Through formal higher education programs, vocational training, and other support services, NPH empowers adolescents and young adults to secure their first job and earn a dignified living. This approach allows beneficiaries to achieve financial independence, autonomy, and a responsible character, thus contributing to the sustainable reduction of generational poverty.

NPH Honduras Timeline

Opened in 1985, NPH Honduras has a rich history that has always focused on child care.

Breaking generational poverty begins with helping a child.

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