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Oct. 10 - Haiti
Serving Others in the Face of Danger
Since intense political unrest began in Haiti last month, just going to work has become an ordeal.
Oct. 10 - International
Welcome to the NPH Family: Jorge Villar Miguélez
NPH is pleased to announce the appointment of Jorge Villar Miguélez as NPHI Director of Family Services. Welcome to the team.
Oct. 10 - Peru
Express Yourself with Art
NPH Peru welcomed Expresarte to Casa Santa Rosa; a team focused on socio-emotional development through expressive arts.
Sep. 30 - Haiti
Social Unrest in Haiti: The Impact on the NPH Family and the Nation
NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on the current unrest in Haiti and the impact on NPH services and the population
Sep. 24 - Haiti
Fr. Rick Frechette: Burying the Dead, and Raising Cain
The Ethical & Medical Advisor of NPHI shares his thoughts and experiences on the current social unrest in Haiti.
Sep. 24 - International
Happy 50th Birthday in Haiti
Haiti is experiencing more civil unrest, sparked by the current nationwide fuel shortages. Amidst the crisis, our Director of Special Needs programs at NPH Haiti, celebrates her 50th birthday with children, and a cat.
Sep. 20 - Honduras
Bridging the Digital Divide at NPH Honduras
A new project introduces tablets and computers to our home and promises to increase our kids’ technical skills and make learning fun.
Sep. 20 - Honduras
NPH Honduras OneFamily Parent Workshop: Preparing for Adolescence
NPH Honduras OneFamily program discusses strategies on how to support reintegrated children and their caregivers at the onset of adolescence.
Sep. 20 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Celebrates 65 Years
Hermanos Mayores lead the festivities at Miacatlán to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.
Sep. 20 - Mexico
Fun, Music, Love, and Gratitude on Godparents’ Day 2019
NPH Mexico held its annual event dedicated to the people who show love to our children.
Sep. 20 - Mexico
Caps Off to the NPH Mexico Class of 2019
From kindergarten through to high school, our children and youth celebrated an emotional graduation week with families and teachers.
Sep. 20 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Brings a Life of New Opportunities to One Mixteco Youth
According to the OECD, in Mexico a young man with a college degree has a 78% better salary than a young man without one.
Sep. 20 - Peru
Small steps on the way to better oral health: UPC Dental Days
For one week, 30 students from UPC School of Dentistry attended to all our children.
Sep. 19 - Guatemala
NPH Guatemala Soccer Team Wraps up Successful Campaign
NPH Guatemala participates in championship at the Municipal Stadium in Parramos.
Sep. 19 - International
Stephen O’Mahony Becomes New National Director NPH Honduras
Steve O'Mahony succeeds Stefan Feuerstein who served as National Director for more than 10 years.
Aug. 16 - International
NPH at 65: Our Mission Lives On
Executive Director Miguel Venegas shares his personal NPH history.

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