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September 24, 2021By Nicolas Wasson, Haiti

As we drove into the town, our vehicles had to stop due to a collapsed wall that blocked the street. As we walked in, many local people came over to talk to us, friendly and curious to know if we brought help....

September 6, 2021By Nicolas Wasson, Haiti

There is a Haitian proverb that says “bonjou se paspo ou” or “a hello is your passport.” In Haiti, it is considered very impolite to enter a town you have never been to without saying good morning. Usually,...

NPH Honduras Volunteer_Young woman leaning with her hands on her knees looking over a group of children playing with a flower in the foreground.
June 14, 2021By Guznara Melo, Honduras

The decisions we made prior to this predicament did not envision an abrupt change in our projections. If I think about the months before I left Chile before coming to Honduras to volunteer as an Occupational...

NPH Peru_Young man with dark hair smiling wearing a leather jacket.
June 14, 2021By Diego Falcón, Peru

Mariano currently studies nursing. He says he likes his career very much, because he helps a lot of people and one day wants to work in a clinic. Mariano shares more about his life and heritage. In the...

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