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Jean Max In the Aftermath of the Earthquake
January 7, 2022By Xavier Asdara

Jean Max has been working as a radiologist at the St. Damien pediatric hospital in Port-au-Prince for a few years now, interpreting images and providing diagnoses in maternity and gynecology, among other...

January 4, 2022By Aristides Manzanarez, Nicaragua

Darich Muñoz is originally from the island of Ometepe, Rivas. He comes from a simple and very religious family, growing up with his parents and other siblings. His mother was the one who took care of the needs...

December 23, 2021By Aristides Manzanarez, Nicaragua

Soledad* was born on June 6th, 2001. She joined NPH when she was three months old because her family lived in extreme poverty. When Soledad first arrived at NPH, she lived in the Asis House, which was the...

December 21, 2021By Marlon Velasquez, Nicaragua

Before I became part of the NPH family, my life was focused on surviving and keeping my dreams alive. There was no room for celebrations of any kind. Christmas was an annual routine in which I only ate and...

December 17, 2021By Erick Nery, Peru

NPH Peru’s One Family program began in 2018 to restore the child’s right to live in a family. The work started with the analysis of families with the potential to be beneficiaries of the program....

The Opportunity that Changed Our Lives”
December 1, 2021By Carmina Salazar, El Salvador

Marisela lives with her family of five in a small brick house with dirt floors. Her house is in a vulnerable community right on the road that connects the NPH El Salvador facility with the highway. Marisela...

Girl writing a letter in Dominican Republic
November 12, 2021By Adonis Pio, Dominican Republic

Dear the World! I am Lisset and I am 18-years-old. I live at Casa Santa Ana forming part of the NPH Dominican family. I enjoy writing letters. I especially enjoy writing to godparents, telling them how I am...

October 13, 2021By Thomas Hartig, Guatemala

Violeta Guerrera*, 35-years-old, was born in a semi-urban town in the state of Chimaltenango. She grew up as the second youngest daughter with her ten brothers and sisters. Her family’s extreme poverty did not...

October 5, 2021By Rodrigo Pereyra, Bolivia

In Bolivia, 17.8% of children between 6- and 11-years-old were not enrolled in primary school in 2016, according to data from the UDAPE 2016 (Unit for Analysis of Social and Economic Policies). This figure is...

October 5, 2021By Erick Nery, Peru

Sherlin is 17 years old. He joined the NPH Peru family in July 2011 with his two siblings, Michell and Marcel. Sherlin finished high school in 2020 and currently he is doing his year of service at Casa Santa...

October 5, 2021By Brad Bobel, Bolivia

Maribel arrived at NPH Bolivia in 2005 with her older brother. Within the first year of NPH Bolivia opening its doors, Maribel* arrived with her brother when she was 4 years old and now, after 15 years at the...

September 24, 2021By Nicolas Wasson, Haiti

I traveled around the hardest-hit areas in southern Haiti with the team sent by NPH, so I got to see how some communities had only mild damage, while other places really had been destroyed. One of the most...

September 6, 2021By Nicolas Wasson, Haiti

There is a Haitian proverb that says “bonjou se paspo ou” or “a hello is your passport.” In Haiti, it is considered very impolite to enter a town you have never been to without saying good morning. Usually,...

NPH Honduras Volunteer_Young woman leaning with her hands on her knees looking over a group of children playing with a flower in the foreground.
June 14, 2021By Guznara Melo, Honduras

The decisions we made prior to this predicament did not envision an abrupt change in our projections. If I think about the months before I left Chile before coming to Honduras to volunteer as an Occupational...

NPH Peru_Young man with dark hair smiling wearing a leather jacket.
June 14, 2021By Diego Falcón, Peru

Mariano currently studies nursing. He says he likes his career very much, because he helps a lot of people and one day wants to work in a clinic. Mariano shares more about his life and heritage. In the...

NPH Honduras_Young woman with dark hair pulled back and long white earrings in front of natural landscape
June 14, 2021By Arielle Augustin, Honduras

The groups that meet in the communities utilize the same format as those in our residential home: The participants receive an open space in which girls of various ages can boost their self-esteem, build a...