The Coronavirus pandemic is a global threat that poses an immediate danger to many who already live in vulnerable circumstances.

In many countries in Latin American and the Caribbean, there are fewer than 100 intensive care beds available to serve the healthcare needs of an entire nation.

Your thoughtful donation can go far to help children, young adults, those with disabilities, their families, and their communities to survive this health disaster.

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Apr. 1 - Dominican Republic
NPH Dominican Republic: We'll Get Through This Together
Homework serves as a welcome distraction as children and staff witness the increasing spread of COVID-19 across Dominican Republic and the globe.
Mar. 31 - El Salvador
COVID-19: A Physician Faces Her Greatest Challenge
NPH El Salvador’s main physician helps protect hundreds of children and staff from the threat of a global pandemic.
Mar. 31 - Peru
Volunteers Lift Spirits of NPH Peru Under Quarantine
In the face of COVID-19 and national quarantine, one U.S. volunteer chooses to stay in Peru to support the children and caregivers of Casa Santa Rosa.
Mar. 27 - Haiti
NPH Haiti and St. Luke Prepare for COVID-19
The novel coronavirus has reached Haiti. NPFS, St. Damien, and St. Luke stand ready to meet this global pandemic as best they can.
Mar. 26 - Bolivia
NPH Bolivia: Staying Busy During Quarantine
With free time owing to a 14-day nationally mandated quarantine, our children find creative and fun ways to keep busy.
Mar. 26 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Adopts COVID-19 Safeguards While Upholding the Call to Serve
Children and employees receive training on prevention and safety in the fight against coronavirus. Meanwhile, the NPH Mexico family continues to grow.
Mar. 24 - Honduras
Amid chaos, we stand united
National Director Stephen O'Mahony shares the difficult decisions he and his team made as the coronavirus pandemic entered Honduras, and the acts of selfless caring that mark the NPH Honduras family.
Mar. 20 - Dominican Republic
NPH Dominican Republic Takes Preventive Measures To Protect Children
While COVID-19 has led to two deaths in the Caribbean nation, NPH Dominican Republic puts measures in place to ensure children remain safe
Mar. 20 - El Salvador
NPH El Salvador Children Send Love to Virus Sufferers
As COVID-19 grabs the world's attention, our children in El Salvador pray for those suffering from the virus and busy themselves with healthy endeavors in their NPH homes
Mar. 20 - Honduras
NPH Honduras Highlights Its Heroes Amid the Coronavirus Crisis
Even before coronavirus descended on the nation, NPH Honduras implemented preventive measures to ensure the health of its children.
Mar. 16 - International
A Note of Encouragement During Troubling Times
Reinhart Koehler, President of NPHI, shares his thoughts, prayers and a note of encouragement to those affected by the Coronavirus crisis.

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