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Feb. 13 - International
Closing the Inequalities Gap to Achieve Social Justice
Around the globe, we come together to celebrate World Day of Social Justice. Markus Streit looks at how NPH helps close the inequalities gap for our children and communities in Honduras.
Feb. 12 - El Salvador
Our Voices: Lucia from NPH El Salvador
Lucia is a dedicated university student, studying psychology. In her Our Voices letter, she shares her thoughts and concerns about the COVID-19 crisis and the impact on her family and communities in El Salvador.
Jan. 28 - Guatemala
Our Voices: Victoria from NPH Guatemala
Victoria was 10-years-old when she joined NPH. She now studies Business Administration while working at NPH Guatemala. In her Our Voices letter, she expresses her gratitude to donors, sponsors and caregivers.
Jan. 20 - Haiti
Our Voices: Ophani from NPH Haiti
As part of the Our Voices series, Ophani explains how she has returned to the home she grew up in to support our younger girls during COVID-19, and the joys of having godparents.
Jan. 19 - International
2021 International Day of Education
Education is a human right and the key to sustainable development. Education offers children a way out of poverty and a path to a promising future. Education is also a key program at NPH.
Jan. 14 - El Salvador
NPH El Salvador Youths Produce Works-of-Art
Through a donation of art supplies from Royal Talens and Diseño - Arte y Dibujo, 19 youths at NPH El Salvador had the opportunity to utilize their creative skills and produce some works-of-art.
Dec. 28 - International
New Year Message from Reinhart Koehler
The President of NPH International with a New Year's message for 2021.
Dec. 22 - Honduras
San José Family Center Celebrates First Christmas
The San José Family Center opened its doors to the Mata de Plátano community one year ago. Today, it not only celebrates its first Christmas, but also the success it has achieved on its first anniversary.
Dec. 15 - Guatemala
NPH Guatemala Participates in TV Game-Show
Staff from NPH Guatemala appeared on national television as participants on the prime-time family game-show Soñando en Familia – Dream In Family.
Dec. 14 - Honduras
NPH Honduras Creates Rapid Response Team To Help Vulnerable Families
Margen, a single mother from La Paz, survived on work in the informal economy. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she contracted the virus, leaving her reliant on support from NPH.
Dec. 14 - Mexico
Our Voices: Christmas Letter from Erick, NPH Mexico
As part of the Our Voices series, a student of international business in Monterrey, Mexico, sends a Christmas letter to the NPH family
Dec. 8 - Peru
NPH Peru Grateful to Banco de Alimentos del Perú for the Continued Support
Banco de Alimentos del Perú, together with different organizations and associated companies, continues to provide multiple donations for the benefit of the children of NPH Peru.
Dec. 4 - Haiti
Our Voices: Coralie from NPH Haiti St. Damien Pediatrics Hospital
Coralie, 12-years-old, is being treated for leukemia at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital. She shares her thoughts on COVID-19 and thanks the doctors at the Oncology Unit for bringing her back to health.
Nov. 24 - Haiti
Our Voices: Patrice from NPH Haiti
Patrice loves to learn, so the restrictions caused by COVID-19 frustrated him in 2020. However, in his "Our Voices" letter, he knows that donors and Godparents are looking out for him, even from afar.
Nov. 24 - Mexico
Our Voices: Celinda from NPH Mexico
Celinda from NPH Mexico tells us of her new responsibilities at Casa Buen Señor during the COVID-19 pandemic, her struggles adapting to online studying and thinking of her family in the state of Guerrero.
Nov. 23 - International
Thanksgiving of 2020
Reinhart Koehler, President of NPHI, sends his Thanksgiving message to the NPH family.

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