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Feb. 27 - Mexico
Mexico’s Casa Nolan Is Reborn
More than two years after a major earthquake struck central Mexico, rebuilding is complete with the opening of Father Wasson’s former home.
Feb. 22 - Mexico
OneFamily Program Continues To Expand in Mexico
NPH Mexico advances successful family reintegration across the largest country in our childcare system, supporting children and their biological families to reconnect and adapt.
Feb. 10 - International
Dr. Edwin Vallecillo: Crafting a Vision for Better Patient Care
Halfway through his first year as an NPHI director, Dr. Vallecillo shares his vision for Medical Services in 2020.
Feb. 6 - Haiti
Year in Review: NPFS Boasts Olympians and Top-Mark Graduates in 2019
From winning gold at the Special Olympics to achieving a 100% pass-rate, see how the children of NPH Haiti came out victorious in a year of political and social upheaval.
Feb. 6 - Mexico
Year in Review: NPH Mexico Gives Even More to Local Communities in 2019
From health and sustainability to community projects, NPH Mexico went a long way in completing its long-term objectives in 2019.
Feb. 6 - Peru
Year in Review: Change Brings Renewal to NPH Peru in 2019
From sustainability projects in agriculture to education programs that support parents in the community plus a new National Director, 2019 was an exciting year for NPH Peru.
Feb. 4 - Bolivia
Year in Review: NPH Bolivia targets quality of life in 2019
NPH Bolivia continued its strategic focus on supporting children and communities with special projects in agriculture and construction, plus high-potential local fundraising initiatives.
Feb. 4 - Guatemala
Year in Review: NPH Guatemala Strengthens Local Communities
From building houses for volcano victims to building a childcare center for single mothers, see how NPH Guatemala continued to grow in 2019.
Jan. 22 - El Salvador
Year in Review: NPH El Salvador Helps Children and Youth succeed in 2019
Education and career support helped pequeños of all ages prepare for a future of their own making at NPH El Salvador in 2019.
Jan. 22 - Honduras
Year in Review: NPH Honduras Makes Great Strides in 2019
Welcoming special needs children, building in local communities, and developing leaders are among the 2019 achievements for NPH Honduras.
Jan. 15 - Honduras
Career Counseling from Older Siblings
NPH Honduras and One World Surgery partner to provide nutritious meals and career advice to Honduran youths on their way to the working world.
Jan. 13 - International
Ten Years: Daring To Hope
Special Needs Program Coordinator Gena Heraty shares a touching poem about the 2010 Haiti Earthquake that reveals lasting pain for lives lost and enduring optimism for a country she loves.
Jan. 12 - International
Haiti Earthquake: 12 January 2010
On the 10th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake, Reinhart Koehler remembers the many thousands of Haitians that lost their lives, while also sending his gratitude to those who responded at a time of need.
Jan. 10 - International
St. Damien Endures: 10 Years after the Haiti Earthquake
National Director Dr. Jacqueline Gautier recounts the horrific moment 10 years ago when the Haiti Earthquake struck and how St. Damien turned tragedy into opportunity.
Jan. 9 - International
Haiti Just After the Quake
From grassroots fundraising to working with cancer patients, a former volunteer shares vivid memories of loss and joy in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.
Jan. 9 - International
Everyone in Haiti Lost Someone
On a trip to visit college friend and NPH Haiti volunteer Molly Hightower, Rachel Prusynski describes how a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the Caribbean country and changed her life forever.

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