Empowered Families, Healthier Communities

The San Jose Family Center was inaugurated in 2020, providing essential services to families and youth in Mata de Plátano, Cedros, and surrounding mountain communities in Honduras. In the first years of this extraordinary project, NPH aims to strengthen and empower vulnerable families and communities.

The San Jose Family Center operates projects in the areas of health, psycho-social well-being, inclusion for persons with disabilities, and education. Through tutoring, therapies, healthcare assistance, and nutrition assistance, the San Jose Family Center supports children and families in vulnerable conditions at risk of social exclusion. 

The team at the Family Center includes a therapist, a psychologist, a social worker, a teacher, a special education teacher, and a cook. The team provides direct services to children and young people, as well as works with parents, teachers, healthcare workers, and other community leaders to create a sustainable cycle of development in these communities.  We measure the impact of all of these programs and activities, to analyze how the San Jose Family Center is positively influencing children, families, and communities.

 The Family Center has a total of 213 youth beneficiaries in the service areas of health, education, psychological attention, and therapy. 


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