Leaders of the Future

NPH Honduras is joining global efforts to educate, support and empower girls and boys to reach their fullest potential. Education is one of the most important means of empowering children and adolescents with the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence necessary to achieve successful and happy futures. 
NPH Honduras proudly offers three different leadership and empowerment groups to the beneficiaries of our residential care programs as well as youth from nearby communities. The groups are “Chicas Poderosas” (Powerful Girls), “Hermanos y Hermanas Guias” (Guide Brothers and Sisters) and “Jovenes en Accion” (Youth in Action). 
Chicas Poderosas 
In the Chicas Poderosas group, NPH provides a safe place for authentic conversations and for girls and adolescents to share their experiences, educate themselves and discuss issues they currently face and will face in life. This group focuses on promoting gender equality through topics such as self-esteem, values, decision-making, sexuality, and healthy relationships, among others. Activities include arts and crafts, which enables the girls and adolescents to identify and manage their emotions effectively. currently 150 girls and adolescents participate in NPH Honduras’s Chicas Poderosas groups, 40 of whom live on the Ranch (including a group for girls and young women with disabilities) and 110 of whom are from nearby communities (25 in Talanga, 59 in Mata de Plátano, 18 in San Cristobal and 8 in Pueblo Nuevo).  
Hermanos Guias 
“Hermanos y Hermanas Guias”, or guide brothers and sisters, focuses on building leadership skills among adolescents. The participants of this group gather weekly and participate in workshops and activities that spark within them the gift of service and leadership in order to create a better future for them and their communities.   
Jovenes en Accion 
The “Jovenes en Accion“, or Youth in Action program is focused on leadership development through community service. The group meets twice a week and addresses topics such as teamwork, goals and decision making. Through positive leadership training, NPH strives to provide youth with the ability to positively guide or direct others and serve as role models. 


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