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Our Chicas Poderosas, Jovenes en Accion and Hermanos Guias groups are programs dedicated to empowering our generation of young women and men in NPH Honduras and from nearby communities. Your support will help NPH provide the essential materials necessary to continue with our programs.

NPH Honduras is joining global efforts to educate, support and empower girls and boys to fulfill their fullest potential. Education is one of the most important means of empowering children with the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence necessary to achieve successful and happy futures.

NPH Honduras proudly offers three different leadership and empowerment groups to both pequeños on the Ranch as well as youth from nearby communities. The groups are “Chicas Poderosas” (Powerful Girls), “Hermanos Guias” (Guide Brothers and Sisters) and “Jovenes en Accion” (Youth in Action).

Country Situation
Around 95% of crimes against women go unpunished in Honduras. This includes domestic violence, murder and rape. Honduras is a country steeped in machismo culture which helps fuel gang violence and violence against women. According to the UN, every 16 hours a woman is murdered in Honduras making the country’s femicide rate one of the highest in the world.

Violence against women is an increasing problem in Honduras and many women are afraid of going to the police or feel that it won’t help their situation, because they fear that it will only make matters worse for them or because, in some cases, their abusers are gang members and going to the police would mean retaliation from the gang.

While rural areas have less crime, the people living in rural settings have more pressing financial concerns. Many rural children in Honduras are forced to work at a young age, and girls, in particular, are tasked with taking care of younger siblings, as well as marrying young and starting families of their own.

Since 2007, the rate of education for girls has almost doubled in Honduras, as the number of girls being enrolled in school and pursuing secondary education has improved over the last decade.

In July 2017 Honduras increased the legal minimum age of marriage to 18 for both boys and girls with no exceptions. Previously, the minimum age of marriage was 16 years and allowed for exemptions if parents provided their consent. Honduras has committed to eliminating child, early and forced marriage by 2030 in line with target 5.3 of the Sustainable Development Goals. The government did not provide an update on progress towards this target during its Voluntary National Review at the 2017 High-Level Political Forum.

Chicas Poderosas
In the Chicas Poderosas group, NPH provides a safe place for authentic conversations and for the girls to share their experiences, educate themselves and discuss issues they currently face and will face in life. This group focuses on topics such as self-esteem, values, decision-making, sexuality, and healthy relationships, among others. Activities include arts and crafts, which enables girls to identify and manage their emotions effectively. NPH Honduras currently has a total of 85 girls in Chicas Poderosas, 45 of which live on the Ranch (including a group for girls and young women with special needs) and 40 of which are from nearby communities. In 2021, we hope to increase the number of girls who participate in Chicas Poderosas in communities.

Hermanos Guias
“Hermanos Guias,” or guide brothers and sisters, focuses on building leadership skills among adolescents to enable them to assist younger children on the ranch. The children score points for their participation and activities and are then invited out on day trips at the end of the month. There are currently 25 youth participating in this group.

Jovenes en Accion
The “Jovenes en Accion,” or Youth in Action program is focused on leadership development through community service. The group meets twice a week and addresses topics such as teamwork, goals and decision making. On weekends recreational and community outreach activities are organized. Through positive leadership training, NPH strives to provide youth with the ability to guide or direct others on a course of action and serve as role models. There are currently 10 youth participating in this group.

Your support will help us provide essential materials for our activities, educational outings and coordinator expenses, necessary to continue with our program. Help our boys and girls fight and overcome poverty, exude self-worth and confidence, give back to the community and display leadership.