Remodeling Casa Angeles – NPH’s Disability Care Center in Tegucigalpa

In Honduras, people with disabilities are often excluded from social protection systems and have few opportunities for participation in society. Furthermore, deficient public health and education systems mean that people with disabilities do not enjoy their full human rights. Through our disability care program, NPH Honduras operates five disability care centers, as well as provides ambulatory services for people with disabilities. Casa Angeles is one of these disability care centers, located in the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Casa Angeles opened its doors in 1989 and is currently a home for 15 children and young adults with high-impact disabilities. Loving caregivers, who are all professional nurses, as well as a physical therapist and a doctor provide 24/7 care to the children and adults who live at Casa Angeles.

In Casa Angeles and in all of our disability care centers, NPH Honduras works to promote autonomy and inclusion for people with disabilities, strengthen their participation in their homes and their communities, and improve their functional capacities through comprehensive therapeutic and rehabilitation services that meet these people’s differentiated needs.  

In 2021, NPH Honduras officially inaugurated a new Casa Angeles, located in the same place but with a complete remodel. The remodel ensured that the home is properly adapted for people with disabilities. The major components of the remodel included widening hallways, doorways, and rooms, dividing bedrooms into smaller, creating more private spaces for beneficiaries, and constructing disability inclusive bathrooms. The newly remodeled Casa Angeles is a beautiful, open space that helps us to continue to give the highest quality care to this vulnerable population.


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