Quality Education for 42 (7th) Grade Students in Miacatlan and Training Workshops for Youth 

NPH Mexico wants to guarantee another school year for our current sixth grade students. NPH provides uniforms, shoes, access to workshops, books and other materials, extracurricular activities, and psychological support to ensure their well-being. We want to prevent dropouts in our school that have become common across the country due to the pandemic. The age group for these 6th graders is 12-15 years. Students above the regular age for 6th grade typically come from indigenous areas where they were unable to attend elementary school or they dropped out of school. Upon arrival at NPH, they are given an exam to place them in the corresponding grade according to their performance, and they receive help through regularization lessons and a support group in their mother tongue to improve their speaking and writing skills in Spanish. 
NPH Mexico has specialized psychologists who can identify children who may have problems in school and in their daily life. In order to help them achieve a fruitful and fulfilling future, we have encouraged them to participate in ICATMOR courses. 
ICATMOR is a government program that offers training workshops that award certificates upon completion. The program offers courses in various topics such as food preparation, international food, crafts, etc. It allows our children who are not interested in attending college or a technical program to complete a certificate and learn a skill that helps them enter the workforce. 
To enroll in a course they must be over 15 years of age and know how to read. The courses can vary in price and duration, but generally each course is approximately 120 hours, with a cost of $ 494.40 MXN = $ 25.35 USD, and at the end of the course an official certificate is delivered. Our youth who receive this certificate are hired quickly once they leave NPH Mexico and have learned a skill that can help them become productive members of society and have a career to support themselves.


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Kids from Mexico with school books