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The photos displayed on these pages present a glimpse of our NPH Family and programs.

All photos are the copyrighted property of NPH International and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of NPHI. The surnames of the children have been withheld for the privacy of their families. Godparents can order the photos of their godson/daughter(s) at your nearest NPH office.

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  Children working during winter courses
  Volunteer teacher, Johan, during literature class
  Pequenos during winter courses
  Children talking with Volunteer English teacher, Johan, between classes.
  Children playing together during recess.
  Children playing together during recess.
  A younger child walking to class.
  Friends Lisa* and Berline* enjoying free time up in a tree house.
  Wilma* and Anais* passing the time during visit day.
  Maricela* having fun on the playground in the baby home.


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