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The photos displayed on these pages present a glimpse of our NPH Family and programs.

All photos are the copyrighted property of NPH International and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of NPHI. The surnames of the children have been withheld for the privacy of their families. Godparents can order the photos of their godson/daughter(s) at your nearest NPH office.

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  A great time for everyone on the slide, everyone who can fit at least!
  Heriberto down at the "poza" - the dam on a small river that gets NPH Honduras a lot of its water.
  Margarita* sure loves her coloring books!
  Everyone at NPH Honduras loves a good game of cards!
  Rochel* and Virginia* taking time out of their afternoon to help out with the young ones.
  Roberto* getting a laugh with volunteer Nienke over a falling Jenga tower.
  Rogelio* and Kerby* enjoying a fun moment outside on a sunny afternoon.
  Domingo* proudly shows off his favorite necklace.
  Gaspar* and Lester* happily sit in front of a new refrigerator recently installed in their home.
  Despite being the oldest of four siblings currently at NPH, older brother Lucero* always finds time to catch up with his younger sister, Dominica,* on the weekends.
  Marilu* passes many an afternoon outside in between homework and chores.
  Lisa* and Marilu* are two near-inseparable friends who are often found roaming the NPH playgrounds together.


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