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The photos displayed on these pages present a glimpse of the children we serve, the homes where they live and the people who care for them, all made possible thanks to your support.

These photos are the copyrighted property of NPH International and may not be reproduced without the express written permission of NPHI. The surnames of the children have been withheld for the privacy of their families. Godparents can order the photos of their godson/daughter(s) at your nearest NPH office.

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  *Stiven and *Teodoro
  *Teodoro trying a new pose
  *Marcial takes lunchtime seriously
  *Stiven enjoying some free time after lunch
  Two external students giving piggyback rides
  *Nathan giving *Hector a piggyback ride.
  *Marcelo receiving help buttoning up his uniform.
  A couple of the youngest boys helping the tia go get breakfast from the kitchen.
  *Dennis helping *Mariano get ready for school.
  *Dennis helping *Stiven button up his uniform shirt (small things with great love).
  *Max helping push *Stiven's wheelchai.r
  *Lisseth helping to do the youngest girls' hair before school.


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