Donna Egge

Advisor, NPH International

Donna and leadership group.

Donna Egge became involved with NPH as a godparent more than 20 years ago. She joined the Northwest Friends of the Orphans Board and later the Friends National Board (now NPH USA). It was during this period that she led numerous donor trips to NPH homes and she realized that her counseling background could be of use to the children and staff.

Donna worked as a teacher, school counselor, and parent educator for 20 years. She soon found herself drawn to the formation programs for the caregivers in our homes. In 2006 she volunteered to work with the NPH Family Services team. Donna soon stepped in the role of Associate Director of the NPH International Family Services. She spent the next seven years working alongside with Family Services team to develop core programs and establish leadership development initiatives. She has worked diligently to know and support local staff and pequeños and pequeñas in each of our homes.

Later as NPHI Family Services Director, Donna continued to focus on developing effective systems for evaluating our progress in the delivery of childcare services and other programs while overseeing the extensive work done by childcare teams in all nine homes.

During her tenure, Donna saw the work of Family Service as a critical element in the NPH childcare philosophy. She said, “We must ignite the flame of Fr. Wasson’s values in all of our children and staff as we strive to inspire and to support the NPH family while realizing the dignity and potential of each person.”

Donna retired from her leadership role with NPHI Family Services in 2019. She resides in Washington State and continues to serve the NPH community as an expert and trusted advisor and mentor in the areas of childcare program excellence and the sharing of best practices.

In addition, Donna is a lay member and oblate of a Benedictine Missionary order of nuns in Cuernavaca, Mexico. She continues to serve on the NPH International General Assembly as a Mission Advisor.

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