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General Hygiene Care for 2016
NPH Dominican Republic - Childcare (#P-DOM-16001)

Two of our boys brushing their teeth

At our home we teach our children how to take good care of themselves, especially when it comes to hygiene. Our children bathe and brush their teeth twice a day and laundry is done daily. Each child has a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, razors and their own bar of soap to make sure their whole body is clean. Other items such as toilet paper and feminine hygiene products are available for each child when needed.

Donations have thankfully helped us supply our warehouse with certain supplies, but there are many others that we need to purchase on a regular basis. Please help support this project to purchase a montly supply of important hygiene items. Your donation will help keep our children practicing good hygiene and reduce the chances of them becoming sick.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact your nearest fundraising office. Click "Sponsor Project" to give an online donation. We are very grateful for any amount you can donate.


Description Qty Donated Needed
Toothpaste (20 Tubes) 12 $7,524 $0
Deodorant for older girls (12 sticks) 12 $145 $-1
Deodorant for older boys (12 sticks) 12 $132 $0
Deodorant other (80 sticks) 12 $1,082 $-2
Soap (5 boxes of 96 bars) 12 $2,297 $-5
Toilet Paper (13 bags of 48 rolls) 12 $2,797 $251
Body Lotion (26 bottles) 12 $0 $1,044
Feminine hygiene products (6 boxes of 24) 12 $0 $600
Disposable razors (1 box of 200) 12 $0 $624
Laundry detergent (13 30lb sacks) 12 $0 $3,276
Laundry bar soap (for hand washing) (7 boxes of 50) 12 $0 $1,500
Estimated Project Cost (USD) $21,264 $13,977 $7,287

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.




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