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Clothes for St. Helene Home
NPH Haiti - Childcare (#P-HAI-15007)

Examples of pillow case dresses.

Clothing is donated or bought and stored at the St. Helene home until it is distributed to the children on an as-needed basis. The funds requested help to keep the shelves stocked with much needed replacement clothes for when kids wear-out or outgrow their current wardrobe items. The clothing budget goes to ensure that every child has the proper clothes they need to allow them to be both active and also stay warm during the cold nights in the mountain town.

Constant weather changes in the mountains of Haiti mean that it could be blistering hot and then raining and cold all in the same day. The clothing budget also covers special occasions where new clothes are needed. This could be anything from a baptism, first communion ceremony, graduation, or another special event.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact your nearest fundraising office. Click "Sponsor Project" to give an online donation. We are very grateful for any amount you can donate.


Description Qty Donated Needed
St. Helen 1 Child Year of Clothing 351 $1,184 $32,512
Estimated Project Cost (USD) $33,696 $1,184 $32,512

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.




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