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Yearly Salary for Five English Teachers
NPH Mexico - Education (#P-MEX-15056)

Mr. Angel with his English Class

English is a worldly language and knowing how to speak, write and understand it, is an asset for our children. We have two devoted English teachers working in our home in Miacatlán and three working in Cuernavaca. English is taught from kindergarten onwards and all our children have English as a compulsory subject. It will help them in finding a better job once they finish high school or university. We divide the classes into two levels, basic and advanced, since the English levels of our children varies considerably. We have children who joined NPH when they were very young and who have been taught English ever since, and we have children who joined NPH at thirteen and who never had English classes before.

At the moment we have ten children in kindergarten, and Profesora Cindy is their English teacher. During classes she focuses on songs and games, so the children do not get bored while they begin memorizing English words and phrases. Children learn basic English words such as colors, animal names, numbers etc.

Profesor Angel teaches primary school. In primary school, students start using an English workbook and start doing simple grammar exercises. They also start focusing on pronunciation and the correct spelling of words.

Profesora Cindy, teaches kindergarten as well as middle school. In middle school the students study English grammar more in depth, they start writing short essays and reading short articles and simple books.

Profesor Jorge, Profesor Ruben and Profesora Gabriela are our three high school teachers. In high school most of our students have an intermediate level of English. They continue studying English grammar (tenses, correct spelling of words etc.), they begin learning colloquial expressions, they read and analyze articles, write short essays, look at sentence structures and do conversation in class. Twice a year the high school organizes a Spelling Bee, a contest where students have to spell an English word correctly, and the winners of the competition go to the cinema.

Thanks to a donation we recently received we were able to buy new English books for our students. Now, we have new textbooks and workbooks for almost all our students, which makes it easier for our teachers to teach them grammar, spelling and vocabulary. Our English teachers are very qualified and they receive a teacher development course every year. These courses are specifically designed to help teachers improve their language and develop their professional skills.

In the afternoon our volunteers from the US and Europe help the children with their homework, translating songs and having conversations with them.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact your nearest fundraising office. Click "Sponsor Project" to give an online donation. We are very grateful for any amount you can donate.


Description Qty Donated Needed
Yearly Salary for an English Teacher 5 $33,537 $15,213
Estimated Project Cost (USD) $48,750 $33,537 $15,213

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.




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