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Support our Mixteco Children
NPH Mexico - Childcare (#P-MEX-17002)

Ezequiel* spending time with his friends at our high school home in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Seventy-one children from our home have a story that is unique and full of tradition. They come from a small community named Metlatonoc, located in the mountains of Guerrero, a Mexican state best known for the beaches of Acapulco. Here they live isolated from mainstream Mexican culture and the government support for needed infrastructure is rarely seen. Their indigenous name is Mixteco, which means “people of the rain,” and they are the third largest group of indigenous people in Mexico. The majority of the people from this village only speak Mixteco, which further isolates the community from the rest of Mexico, a Spanish-speaking country. According to the Mexican census, this community is the second poorest community in the country. Most of the people in the community work in the fields harvesting the food that they eat.

They have their own distinctive traditions. For example, before the rainy season, people climb up a mountain where two big vertical rocks are located. According to their beliefs, the rock oriented to the east represents the good god and the rock to the west represents the evil god. This is a sacred place for them where they pray for rain and the health of their people.

When children from this community join our family, they often come in a state of malnutrition and they only speak Mixteco. Our home offers a full medical checkup and provides them with the nutrition they are lacking, which helps them to quickly recover if they previously suffered from malnutrition.

School is hard for them at first not only because they don’t speak Spanish, but because they have not attended school regularly. For this reason they start with intensive Spanish classes before they integrate fully into our school.

We are extremely proud of the achievements of these children. NPH provides them with opportunities to develop and succeed, but it is up to them to transform this opportunity into their own success. Out of the 71 Mixteco children in our home, currently two are studying to obtain a university degree.

Ezequiel* is one of the Mixteco children in our family. He came to us in 2014 after he was orphaned at the age of 17. He is a very social, friendly and fun kid. He is currently 20 years old and is studying in his last year of high school. He tells us that he wants to graduate from college and obtain a degree in political science. His goal is to become the mayor of his indigenous community and serve his people. In his hometown there is only one high school, which is in need of more good teachers, and there is no college where he could have achieved his goal.

Violence in the state of Guerrero has increased in recent years, and in 2015, 60% of all the children we welcomed to NPH Mexico came from this region. We have built a beautiful community at our home in which the oldest Mixteco children support the new arrivals and help with their transition. They organize Spanish classes for the new students while at the same time keeping the Mixteco language alive so that the group can maintain their culture.

This project is meant to support 71 of these children who come from a Mixteco community for a whole year by providing their food, education, clothing, healthcare and basic needs.

Please support our Mixteco children so that they can have the opportunities in life that every child should.

*Name changed due to privacy.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact your nearest fundraising office. Click "Sponsor Project" to give an online donation. We are very grateful for any amount you can donate.


Description Qty Donated Needed
Annual Cost for One Child 71 $0 $376,868
Estimated Project Cost (USD) $376,868 $0 $376,868

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.




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