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Damages in Dining Hall's Roof. This Was One of the Most Affected Buildings.

Earthquake in Mexico

On September 19th 2017, an earthquake of historic proportions devastated Mexico and shook the foundation of our NPH Mexico family. Although our children and staff are thankfully safe, the earthquake permanently destroyed or damaged an unprecedented number of buildings on our NPH Mexico properties, in Casa San Salvador (Miacatlan), Casa Buen Señor (Cuernavaca) and a home for youth transitioning to independent life.

Many of our children have been displaced from their sleeping areas and are studying in the open air until repairs can be made to their homes and schools. Civil engineers have inspected the property and already indicated that neither children nor staff enter certain buildings, including some our children’s homes, schools, recreational and dining areas.

Immediate support of $5 million is needed to repair damages from the 7.1 magnitude earthquake and provide our children a safe home and programs for their future.

To provide a perspective of the damage nation-wide, the Mexican government has released estimates of more than $2 billion in repairs across the country as the families and communities rebuild from the destruction.


For NPH Mexico, the 1985 earthquake had already weakened many structures of the original hacienda upon which Casa San Salvador was built. This year’s earthquake now rendered many of those historic buildings permanently inhabitable and must be demolished safely for the security of our children. Some of these buildings are registered landmarks and require approval from the Mexican government before proceeding. However, the damage goes beyond our Casa San Salvador home, extending to our home for high school students, schools, and cherished buildings.

Casa Nolan, the home where our beloved Fr. Wasson lived in Cuernavaca, has been irreparably damaged. In recent years, Casa Nolan has been home to international visitors and volunteers, and hosts annual meetings for National Directors and NPH staff.

Our NPH Mexico home has defined its priority needs (see below) and will work with incoming funds to secure building materials immediately.

We will make safe once again the loving family environment of NPH Mexico for our children with your help.

Reconstruction needs

Miacatlan: - Demolition and rebuilding of the front enclosing wall and buttress adjoining the main street and the transports area. This is urgent because the house is unprotected and our vehicles are at risk. - Demolition and rebuild of main enclosing wall on the corner. - Repairs of the main entrance arch which is fractured and in danger of collapsing. - Museum (original Hacienda’s chapel) must be demolished due to severe damage. - Reconstruction of pharmacy’s enclosing wall in our Clinic. - Chimney enclosing wall adjoining the sun terrace - must be demolished. - Dining room. Presents too much of a risk to use it, repairs are urgent; at present our children are eating in the main patio. - One of the two chimneys above the kitchen collapsed and needs to be removed and cover the whole, this element is from the original old building. - Middle school children's bedroom, urgent to repair. - Demolition of the arches of the play area in one of the boys’ sections. - Repair the water channel coming from the rodeo lagoon that passes by the clinic, volunteers’ quarters and crosses the new chapel. - Repair the drainage in our girl’s sleeping quarters. - Demolition and rebuilding the water tower that provides water to the whole property. - Demolition and reconstruction of our agricultural warehouse. - Relocate our two Silos to a safer place.

Schools urgent repairs in: - Middle School computer room 2nd floor - Elementary school 2nd floor - Demolition and rebuilding the Kindergarten enclosing wall. - Fixing drainage system of middle school workshops. - Repairs for roofs in elementary and middle school. - Demolish a fractured enclosing wall, reinforce wall adjoining a vacant lot and repair main façade in high school.

Cuernavaca (high school home): - Reconstruction the boys' bedrooms. - Demolition and reconstruction of Casa Nolan (home for visits and volunteers).

At the moment the expert’s assessment is being carried out and we are working on exact budgets to reconstruct the affected buildings in both of our homes, this project will be updated with exact budgets as we have them.

Your support for this project is essential to rebuild our homes and to provide safety for our children.

If you have any questions about this project, please contact your nearest fundraising office. Click "Sponsor Project" to give an online donation. We are very grateful for any amount you can donate.


Description Qty Donated Needed
Dining hall & Kitchen
Dining hall & Kitchen (Miacatlan) 1 $590,700 $0
Reconstruction the boys' bedrooms (15-18years old)(Cuernavaca) 1 $119,240 $0
Creating Bedrooms in our Boys Dorms (Cuernavaca) 1 $110,000 $0
Middle school children's bedroom 1 $88,000 $0
Repair the drainage in our girl’s sleeping quarters 1 $22,000 $0
Repairs transition home (Hotel Villa Cuernavaca) 1 $133,760 $0
School Repairs
Repairs & fixing in Miacatlan`s school 1 $314,292 $9,897
Reconstruction boys bathroom (Cuernavaca school) 1 $44,000 $0
Perimetral fence & walls 1 $220,000 $0
Demolish & Reconstruction in Miacatlan
Demolition of chimney and vault 1 $275,000 $0
Demolition of old chapel from the original property 1 $275,000 $0
Repairs: clinic walls, old sport court & visitors room 1 $17,830 $0
Demolition and rebuilding of elevated water tank 1 $133,100 $0
Farm & Field
Storage Warehouse 1 $28,965 $0
Replacing old damaged silos 1 $132,000 $0
Industrial warehouse 1 $17,909 $0
Warehouse (1615 ft2) 1 $4,103 $0
Maize sun drying facility 1 $25,324 $0
Renovating galley to store tractors 1 $3,855 $1
Casa Buen Señor - Cuernavaca
Visitor, volunteer & staff house - Casa Nolan 1 $660,000 $0
Demolition and rebuilding of multi-purpose court’s steps 1 $54,396 $0
Demolition and rebuilding of 2 columns 1 $7,700 $0
Repairs in administrative offices 1 $11,000 $0
Homes needs
Family homes for Middle School Boys 1 $99,545 $1,880,455
Constructor advisor (1 year) 1 $0 $22,000
Sustainability contribution 1 $269,993 $244,645
Estimated Project Cost (USD) $5,814,710 $3,657,713 $2,156,997

Note: the project cost includes a 10% premium to support the general needs of NPH and its children.





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