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Nov. 12, 2017
The Story of Soledad
Growing up in the NPH family, Soledad is now practicing the values of the home.
Sep. 8, 2017
From Learning the Basics to Dreaming Big
After entering NPH at age 12 without being able to read or write, Oscar shares his experience and hopes for the future.
Jul. 5, 2017
A Homegrown Passion for Food and Farming
One of NPH Nicaragua's youngest boys has a love for agriculture.
Jun. 12, 2017
Life-Changing Progress with Casa Samaritano
Physical therapy helps Miguel achieve his goals.
May 17, 2017
A Fresh Start in Nicaragua
A new education and lifestyle brings hope to the family of Fabio, one of NPH Nicaragua's newest semi-internal students.
Feb. 14, 2017
Empowering Herself
A young woman in her year of service reflects on opportunities and challenges for women in Nicaragua.



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