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Employee Stories

Nov. 16, 2016
A Fifteen-Year-Old Journey of Love
Tia Loly is an amazing caregiver who has been part of the NPH family for 15 years now.
Mar. 12, 2015
Teaching Kids The Joy of Faith
The obedience for helping the neediest, bears good fruits.
Nov. 28, 2014
Caregiver Jhony
Responsible, affectionate and dedicated to serving in the needs of the NPH children.
Aug. 22, 2014
A Hard-Working Employee Finds Her Own Successes In Life
Her wonderful character and the quality of care she provides has earned her much respect.
May 27, 2014
A Perseverant Employee Working Hard At NPH
Working hard to ensure that all of the children have the best care possible.
Apr. 23, 2014
With Love and Dedication I am a Part of NPH
From the bottom of my heart, I would like to be a support for these children.



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