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May 20 - Haiti
Personal Development - Family Style
The Miss and Mister Competition
May 15 - Dominican Republic
Living Green, Living Wise
Encouraging sustainability and health
May 13 - Peru
Celebrating Our Godparents
Thank you to all our wonderful godparents!
May 12 - Haiti
Two Papal Nuncios Visit St. Helene
Archbishop Eugene Nugent and Archbishop Pierre Nguyen Van Tot
May 12 - Mexico
A Day Just For Them
It was a day celebrating our children, while recognizing the challenges that still lie ahead.
May 11 - Haiti
St. Damien Begins Their Cardiology Program
Twelve children receive life-saving surgeries.
May 5 - Nicaragua
Frank Krafft Visits Nicaragua
We celebrated a visit from Frank Krafft and his family during Easter. He learned a lot about the history of NPH Nicaragua and Fr Wasson.
Apr. 24 - Honduras
Buen Pastor Day
Our children celebrated the home of Buen Pastor with games and dances
Apr. 24 - Mexico
Helping All Our Students Achieve Success
The Special Education program at NPH Mexico
Apr. 24 - Peru
Thank you CrediScotia!
The value of long-term local connections.
Apr. 22 - Honduras
Celebrating the Spanish language on World Book Day
Our children had an assembly honoring the Spanish language and promoting the importance of reading.
Apr. 21 - Peru
Seven Great Things About A Quinceañera
Let´s Celebrate!
Apr. 20 - Haiti
Our Children Reaching Out to Others
The Father Wasson Angels of Light children visit children at the St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
Apr. 13 - Bolivia
10th Anniversary of NPH Bolivia
More than a key milestone
Apr. 13 - El Salvador
A Different and Special Week
Our kids and youths experienced Holy Week and participated in different activities.
Apr. 13 - Mexico
Holy Week at NPH Mexico
Remembering Jesus´ sacrifice, as well as enjoying some chocolate!


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Antonia with Bryan
(NPH Nicaragua - 2009)

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