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Oct. 23 - Honduras
Bands, Decorations, and Marches - Oh my!
How NPH Honduras celebrated Honduras' Independence Day.
Oct. 20 - Haiti
Now That the Winds Have Died Down...
"We are convinced we can make the world around us better!" - Fr. Rick Frechette
Oct. 19 - Haiti
The Reality of Our Neighbors in Need
Gena Hertay from NPH Haiti St. Helene home visits the community.
Oct. 19 - Haiti
We have six new pediatricians in Haiti
A cohort of residents graduate and are ready to work with the children.
Oct. 18 - Guatemala
Eat Well and Live Better
The Nutrition program at NPH Guatemala keeps our kids fit and well.
Oct. 17 - Peru
The Star Meal of the Day – Menestra
A frequently consumed meal at NPH Peru.
Oct. 16 - Honduras
Food Brings Family Together
Siblings get together to spend time cooking a Honduran dinner.
Oct. 13 - Nicaragua
Gallo Pinto is a Main Staple
Gallo pinto is the main staple of Nicaraguan cuisine and is enjoyed every day by children at NPH Nicaragua.
Oct. 12 - Haiti
Hurricane Matthew Emergency Relief
The DaVinci Storm
Oct. 11 - Bolivia
Cuñapé and Empanadas
Traditional recipes from our NPH Bolivia kitchen.
Oct. 11 - El Salvador
Pupusas are a Favorite Food in Our House
Pupusas are a traditional dish in our country, and is one dish all the kids love.
Oct. 11 - Haiti
From Farm to Table
Providing food for our children is one of the greatest services.
Oct. 10 - Haiti
Helping the Most Vulnerable - Hurricane Matthew
A rooster singing in the valley of death.
Oct. 8 - Haiti
Haiti Update and Reflection from Fr. Enzo Del Brocco, CP
We are reaching out to our neighbors who need us and the families in our programs.
Oct. 6 - Peru
Celebrating Birthdays
A day long party celebrated together.
Oct. 5 - Guatemala
The Quinceañera Experience
Celebrating some very special birthdays with one fantastic fiesta.

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