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Nov. 29 - Mexico
We Give Them Security, They Enrich Us With Their Culture
Reaching out to the most endangered children from indigenous communities of the crime-shaken state of Guerrero.
Nov. 16 - Haiti
Dependable Oxygen Access
An oxygen generating system installed at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital.
Nov. 12 - Dominican Republic
State of Harmony Between Men and Land
Our youth and their commitment to nature.
Nov. 10 - Haiti
Computer Training
St. Damien Pediatric Hospital received the priceless gift of laptops and training from specialists from the Bendix Company.
Nov. 10 - Mexico
Skully Poetry
Our high school students get creative for Day of the Dead.
Nov. 6 - Honduras
A Fond Farewell to Colorful Santiago
Saying goodbye to our eccentric abuelo.
Nov. 4 - El Salvador
A Special Day for Children
Happiness and joy were present in each activity where the "Pequeños" participated.
Oct. 30 - Dominican Republic
The Beginnings of the Vocational Program
First steps in the first workshop.
Oct. 29 - Mexico
The Little Red Room and the Gravity of Trust
Improving our childcare practice and advocating human rights.
Oct. 29 - Mexico
Healthy Food and Another Step Towards Self-Sustainability
How our new greenhouse will make our dinner plates greener and our children smarter.
Oct. 26 - Mexico
Learning about Love and Relationships
Cuernavaca Bishop visits NPH’s Technological High School.
Oct. 23 - Dominican Republic
An Eating Contest for the Apple of our Eyes
Treasuring simplicity on our bright weekends.
Oct. 22 - Honduras
Welcome Home
Making room for our newest children
Oct. 22 - Peru
Relocating Our Clinic
Effects of the climate required a change.
Oct. 21 - Bolivia
The Final Touches on Our Second School Building
The construction site of our second school building is in full swing.
Oct. 15 - Honduras
Mud, Sweat and (No) Tears
The annual ranch Olympics starts off with a bang.

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