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Jun. 12 - Guatemala
From Ashes to Hope
NPH continues to provide support to the community in any way that we can.
Jun. 6 - Haiti
The Importance of Providing Training
Visiting experts help advance our staff in our special needs programs.
Jun. 4 - Guatemala
NPH Update: Volcano Eruption in Guatemala
A volcano 20 kilometers from our NPH Guatemala home erupted on the morning of Saturday, June 3rd. Our NPH family is safe and secure, and severe damages are reported in other parts of the country.
Jun. 3 - El Salvador
Memories Made at the Farm
Visiting NPH El Salvador’s farm is always an adventure.
Jun. 2 - Peru
NPH Peru Celebrates Godparents' Day
Our NPH Peru Family had a day of games and treats in honor of the godparents around the world who support us.
May 31 - Mexico
Celebrating Mother's Day!
The primary and secondary schools organized a beautiful festival dedicated to the women who care for our children.
May 29 - Mexico
A Wondeful Children’s Day Celebration For Our Kids!
At the end of April, the school teachers at NPH Mexico throw a day of activities to celebrate ‘Children’s Day.’
May 29 - Peru
"I Was Hungry ..." - NPH Peru Helping Our Community
NPH Peru remembers giving aid to the community following the "El Niño" flooding a year earlier.
May 25 - Mexico
Dealing With Worms - Taking Steps to Healthy Development
Educational campaigns help teach preventative habits to keep unhealthy things out from the start.
May 21 - Mexico
Christening the New Kids at NPH
Seven new children are baptized at NPH Mexico.
May 7 - Bolivia
Inside – Outside - Start from the Top of the Teeth
Nilab and Lynn, a dental hygienist and a dentist from the Netherlands, talk about their recent trip to NPH Bolivia.
May 4 - El Salvador
Angels Secretly Working for our Children
We are grateful to everyone who helps support our mission.
Apr. 30 - El Salvador
Learning About Water Care at School
The importance of teaching about water from a young age.
Apr. 26 - Haiti
Welcoming Archbishop Mesidor to NPH Haiti
Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs - NPH Haiti - received an official visit from Monseigneur Max Leroy Mesidor, the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince.
Apr. 22 - Dominican Republic
NPH International Meeting in the Dominican Republic 2018
Attendees learned, shared, enjoyed, and experienced Dominican culture.
Apr. 22 - Mexico
Celebrating Women's Day At NPH Mexico
Our Chicas Poderosas program organized an event on International Women's Day

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