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Feb. 26 - Guatemala
NPH Guatemala Wants to be More Organic!
Learning how to compost.
Feb. 26 - Haiti
2014 Recap
Letter from Director of Father Wasson Angels of Light program, Kaas Kenson
Feb. 25 - Bolivia
Volunteer Farewell Party
Honoring a volunteer
Feb. 25 - Mexico
Broadening Horizons, One Book At A Time
Taking on the challenge of the library at Casa San Salvador
Feb. 24 - Mexico
Ash Wednesday
Starting Lent
Feb. 23 - Nicaragua
They're Off to University
Our pre-university students have recently finished their year of service and will be starting university in the next month.
Feb. 23 - Peru
Power of Volunteers
It´s incredible to see what a few extra hands can accomplish!
Feb. 19 - Dominican Republic
Alive in the Hearts Left Behind
It is no feat to run the smooth road as we demonstrated with a commemorative race
Feb. 17 - Nicaragua
First Week of School and Many Changes
With the first week of school comes many changes for NPH Nicaragua.
Feb. 6 - Haiti
Five Years Later
This January we witnessed the fifth anniversary of the earthquake with events that were solemn and yet also a celebration.
Feb. 6 - Honduras
Dressing for Success
Atlántida Financial Group of Honduras donated more than 300 uniforms to our students.
Feb. 5 - Mexico
More Than Just A Beautiful Dress
Fifteenth birthday celebrations at NPH Mexico
Jan. 21 - Nicaragua
Growing Our Spirituality As A Family
Spiritual retreats for all of our pequeños help the entire NPH family to deepen our Catholic roots and strengthen our faith.
Jan. 20 - Dominican Republic
Pico Duarte Adventures
Hiking excursions spark new motivation in our home.
Jan. 19 - Haiti
Activities from the Fifth Anniversary of Haiti's Earthquake
Commemorating the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010
Jan. 19 - Mexico
Piñatas, A Donkey, and the Real Meaning of Christmas
Celebrating Christmas at NPH Mexico


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Father Wasson surrounded by his pequeños
(NPH Mexico - 1981)

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