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Jun. 26 - Guatemala
The Dream of our Family Bakery
Second anniversary of our own cafeteria at NPH Guatemala.
Jun. 25 - Honduras
Painting Forward, Together
How a youth leadership group at NPH Honduras is helping out more in surrounding communities.
Jun. 19 - Dominican Republic
Project Green
An opportunity to be productive, creative and keep learning.
Jun. 19 - Haiti
Critical Training Interventions and Professional Development
NPH Haiti Special Needs Program works closely with partner organizations to offer education, services and support.
Jun. 15 - Mexico
Chicas Poderosas Visit the Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico City
The program aims to teach our female students trust, respect and healthy living through many activities and workshops.
Jun. 14 - Honduras
Time and Love: Growing Past Gang Violence
Helping children who have been impacted by gang violence.
Jun. 12 - Honduras
Honduras' Most Peaceful Home
How six older residents of the Ranch find calm and peace in Casa Eva.
Jun. 5 - Nicaragua
NPH Nicaragua Celebrates 23 "Super" Years
Three days of superhero-themed activities made for a grand celebration of the home's 23rd anniversary.
Jun. 4 - Guatemala
First Science Fair at the Educational Center of NPH Guatemala
Our first scientific competition was a success!
May 30 - Mexico
Celebrating Godparent's Day 2017 at NPH México!
All the 'pequeños' enjoyed a fun day in Miacatlán in honor of their godparents.
May 25 - Haiti
Sustainable Energy System in Tabarre
Creating a Solar Smart Grid
May 15 - Honduras
Boys at the Beach
13-year-old Mario* walks us through a weekend at the beach with the boys of NPH
May 14 - Guatemala
Education is a Core Program at NPH Homes
Mid-March Brings Exams to NPH Guatemala
May 5 - Guatemala
Holy Week at NPH Guatemala
"The celebration of Easter is an even wider and deeper story of redemption, of being brought back for God.” Father Rick Frechette
May 1 - Dominican Republic
Living Life with Dignity and Grace like NPH Taught Us
Two NPH youths explain how NPH impacted their life.
May 1 - Nicaragua
New Carpentry Workshop at NPH Nicaragua
The newest of Nicaragua's workshops had its inauguration and is fully equipped with tools.

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