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Mar. 30 - Bolivia
Day of the Sea
Read about a night when Portachuelo shines even brighter
Mar. 30 - Honduras
A Weekend At The Beach
The boys of Buen Pastor travel to Cedeño as part of their Easter vacation.
Mar. 30 - Peru
Harvesting Beans
Feeding our children from our garden.
Mar. 26 - Bolivia
Father’s Day at NPH Bolivia
Five fun activities to make Father's Day special
Mar. 26 - Mexico
Preparation For Success Post NPH
Our class of 2015 has graduated from university.
Mar. 23 - Mexico
Are you our next physical or occupational therapist?
Making a real difference in the lives of our children
Mar. 19 - Honduras
A Little Maintenence Goes A Long Way
A small repair to our CD4 machine saves money and improves care.
Mar. 17 - Peru
Back to School!
A glimpse into the routine of the school year.
Mar. 16 - Haiti
Special Needs Children Find a New Home
Eleven children are welcomed into FWAL.
Mar. 16 - International
New Perspectives for Pediatric Cardiology in Haiti
A partnership is established for the benefit of Haitian children with heart disease.
Mar. 11 - Haiti
Prayers for the Sick
Special Mass at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
Mar. 9 - Dominican Republic
With the Roots of Responsibility and the Wings of Independence
Our children marched to commemorate Dominican Independence Day.
Mar. 9 - Dominican Republic
Home Is With Our People
A glimpse at our three new arrivals and growing family.
Mar. 6 - Bolivia
Music In The Air – 7 Tips On Becoming A Great Musician
Get insight into the musical sights at NPH Bolivia
Mar. 3 - Haiti
Celebrating Five Years of FWAL
It’s been great to acknowledge the hard work of those that help build the program and celebrate hope for the future of both the children in our care and Haiti.
Mar. 2 - El Salvador
The First Day of Lent Signals the Approach of Easter
Our plan for our NPH children during the Lenten season is practicing the Conversion, confession of sin, fasting and forgiveness.


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Jhonathan enjoys his birthday cake
(NPH Peru - 2010)

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