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Apr. 22 - Honduras
Celebrating the Spanish language on World Book Day
Our children had an assembly honoring the Spanish language and promoting the importance of reading.
Apr. 21 - Peru
Seven Great Things About A Quinceañera
Let´s Celebrate!
Apr. 13 - Bolivia
10th Anniversary of NPH Bolivia
More than a key milestone
Apr. 13 - Mexico
Holy Week at NPH Mexico
Remembering Jesus´ sacrifice, as well as enjoying some chocolate!
Apr. 9 - Nicaragua
Roosters and Paint
New art program is initiated
Apr. 8 - Haiti
Andrea Bocelli Foundation supports HIV Program at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
A distinguished visit from the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.
Apr. 8 - Peru
Holy Week Celebrations
A summary of Holy Week activities at Casa Santa Rosa.
Apr. 7 - Bolivia
9 Side effects of living with us at NPH Bolivia
NPH Bolivia affects not only the life of our children…
Apr. 3 - Haiti
Foundation Stones
Easter Reflection from Fr. Enzo
Apr. 3 - Honduras
The promise of an eternal home
Message from Fr. Reynaldo
Apr. 1 - Haiti
Easter Message from Fr. Rick
The sun, in truth, never sets. It only changes horizon.
Mar. 30 - Bolivia
Day of the Sea
Read about a night when Portachuelo shines even brighter
Mar. 30 - Honduras
A Weekend At The Beach
The boys of Buen Pastor travel to Cedeño as part of their Easter vacation.
Mar. 30 - Peru
Harvesting Beans
Feeding our children from our garden.
Mar. 26 - Bolivia
Father’s Day at NPH Bolivia
Five fun activities to make Father's Day special
Mar. 23 - Mexico
Are you our next physical or occupational therapist?
Making a real difference in the lives of our children


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Fr. Wasson and the girls
(NPH Peru - 2005)

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