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Aug. 29 - Bolivia
Macaws Make Great Pets
NPH Bolivia has welcomed two new pet macaws.
Aug. 29 - Honduras
A Goodbye to Remember
NPH Honduras Says Goodbye to Two Long-Term Employees
Aug. 25 - Haiti
Strengthening the Nursing Education at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
Learning how to provide more care for our children in Haiti.
Aug. 24 - Bolivia
Best Friends Caring for Each Other
Two of our girls have taken it upon themselves to look after a friend with mental illnesses.
Aug. 24 - Dominican Republic
A Life Lived for Others, is a Life Worthwhile
Outreach projects are extended to our employees´ relatives who are in need.
Aug. 21 - Haiti
The Power of Strength and Encouraging Words
The Impact of NPH Haiti Special Needs Program, Kay St. Germaine.
Aug. 18 - El Salvador
Value Found Even in the Smallest Things
Seeing one of our boys live by Mother Teresa's quote, "We can do no great things, only small things with great love” makes us feel proud of him.
Aug. 18 - Guatemala
My First Job
An excellent new opportunity for NPH and our university students.
Aug. 18 - Peru
There are Various Ways to Serve
Thoughts on community service from two year of service youths.
Aug. 17 - Guatemala
Community Dental Clinic
How NPH Guatemala is helping local children keep healthy teeth.
Aug. 17 - Mexico
Small Things Make Them Really Happy
A young man helps newcomers adjust to life in the NPH home.
Aug. 5 - Nicaragua
The Gift of Therapy and Much More
After being born four months premature, Marisol, now five, is learning how to move and making great improvements.
Aug. 4 - Honduras
Meeting Oprah!
Stefan Feuerstein, National Director of NPH Honduras has been named to the inaugural OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network "SuperSoul 100" list.
Aug. 3 - Honduras
Lending A Hand
How our community assistance and scholarship program helps our neighboring communities.
Jul. 31 - El Salvador
Sustainability at NPH El Salvador is a healthy way of living
A full belly equals a happy heart.
Jul. 26 - Dominican Republic
The Earth is What We All Have in Common
How we share our passions and work to become even greener.

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