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Apr. 10 - Haiti
Connections Across Oceans - Miss Italia and NPH Haiti
Martina Colombari, actress, model, and former Miss Italia, shares the impact that NPH has had on her.
Apr. 2 - Mexico
Sixteen Youths Graduated From University This Year
We celebrated the end of this important stage in the lives of our 16 youths with a party.
Mar. 20 - Peru
This Summer Vacation with the Most Exciting Rhythm!
Life is more beautiful with music.
Mar. 14 - Honduras
Held Together by NPH
On March 12th, NPH Honduras welcomed eight new members to the family.
Mar. 5 - Bolivia
Let's Go to the Movies! A Treat for Our Star Students.
The two top students from each grade spend a fun-filled afternoon together.
Mar. 5 - Peru
All United by Hope and Faith - Pope Francis Visits Peru
Thank you, Pope Francis, for your visit.
Feb. 26 - Honduras
Small Steps at Pasos Pequeñitos
An NPH Honduras childcare program is helping single mothers get back on their feet.
Feb. 26 - Honduras
Biking Towards Physical Development!
With repaired bikes, the children of NPH Honduras are growing and learning.
Feb. 26 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Aids Relatives Of Our Children After The Earthquake
NPH Mexico supports Mr. Raymundo to rebuild his home after the September 19, 2017 earthquake.
Feb. 4 - Mexico
Chicas Poderosas: the Value of Empathy
Chicas Poderosas visited "Las Palomas" Nursing Home
Jan. 30 - Mexico
Piñata Contest at NPH Mexico
A traditional piñata contest took place at Casa Buen Señor in Cuernavaca.
Jan. 30 - Mexico
Magical Three Kings Day At NPH Mexico
The Three Kings visited every room in Miacatlán, leaving a gift for each child.
Jan. 29 - Haiti
Our Athletes - Proudly Representing Haiti at the Special Olympics
Jacinta McGuane, Associate Manager of the NPH Haiti Special Needs Program, shares this monumental event with us.
Jan. 17 - Bolivia
Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Kids
The nurse of NPH Bolivia shares the important role that nutrition plays in the home.
Jan. 2 - Guatemala
Christmas and Advent at NPH Guatemala
Christmas time is family time at NPH Guatemala.
Jan. 1 - Bolivia
Top Highlights of 2017
Reflecting on the activities and accomplishments of the past year.

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