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May 23 - Haiti
Jean-François Graduates from University of Portland
Jean-François Seide went from sleeping on the streets to heading to Oxford
May 10 - El Salvador
Siblings Beyond Borders
Ashley, a former volunteer at NPH El Salvador, never imagined she was going to find the brother she always wanted so far away from home.
May 10 - Guatemala
Generous Godparents of NPH Guatemala
Godparents are an integral part of our family at NPH.
May 10 - Haiti
Family Day at NPH Haiti
We are thankful for all our Godparents, visitors and volunteers around the world.
May 2 - Honduras
Maintaining Family Connections
The importance of visitor days and the role of NPH.
May 1 - Guatemala
Family Bonding at NPH
How NPH Guatemala created and maintains family ties.
May 1 - Nicaragua
When Godparents Become Family
Alba and her siblings found a new sense of family unity with their godparents.
Apr. 20 - Bolivia
Eleven Years Strong
NPH Bolivia celebrated its 11th anniversary with classical music, games, and lots of food!
Apr. 12 - Honduras
Seeing Clearly
Generous supporters help improve the vision of our children.
Apr. 5 - Mexico
Sermons Summarizing the Passion of Christ
NPH Mexico celebrates Holy Week: the final week of Lent and the days leading up to Easter
Apr. 4 - El Salvador
Treating Your Patient Like Family
Mati is a special nurse since she grew up at NPH El Salvador.
Apr. 1 - Honduras
Going to Great Lengths to Celebrate Easter
Father Paul comes to Honduras (and learns Spanish) for Holy Week
Mar. 28 - Dominican Republic
Learning Patience Through Art Installations
About our colorful mosaic project
Mar. 25 - Haiti
Her Way of the Cross
Heaven and earth were locked in an embrace, under the names of love and sorrow, under the names of Marise and Ronel.
Mar. 18 - Honduras
How can we achieve gender equality in Latin America?
An NPH graduate shares her experiences and opinions on the challenges faced by women in Honduras.
Mar. 17 - Honduras
Raising Strong Women
Our Chicas Poderosas (girls empowerment) program equips our young women for life

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Rosalia and Ruth on the first day of school.
(NPH Guatemala)


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