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Jul. 26 - Dominican Republic
The Earth is What We All Have in Common
How we share our passions and work to become even greener.
Jul. 26 - Guatemala
Meeting Mr. President
A group from NPH Guatemala get to meet their country’s leader.
Jul. 25 - Mexico
Teach a Man to Fish and You Feed Him for a Lifetime
The tilapia fish farm in Miacatlan is one super sustainable operation.
Jul. 12 - Honduras
From Farm to Table
How our farm helps provide our children with the nutrition they need.
Jul. 11 - Peru
Sustainability at Casa Santa Rosa
Valuing our meals and other sustainable efforts.
Jul. 10 - Bolivia
Growing by Leaps and Bounds
The NPH Bolivia home has increased its agriculture projects over the last year.
Jul. 7 - Guatemala
Sustainability at NPH Guatemala
Taking up the Zero Hunger Challenge and creating economic, environmental and social sustainability.
Jul. 6 - Mexico
The farm at NPH Mexico supersedes part of the UN's Zero Hunger Challenge
In Miacatlan “a complex network of energy flows between all.”
Jul. 5 - Nicaragua
Chicken and Egg Production at NPH Nicaragua
A sustainable part of our agriculture program.
Jun. 30 - International
Homes of Peace, Homes of Mercy
One of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 is to ‘promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies’.
Jun. 28 - Honduras
The Doctor Is In
How our external clinic provides affordable healthcare to our surrounding communities.
Jun. 25 - Guatemala
Not Just Clowning Around
Eso Es comes to NPH Guatemala - bringing Clown Therapy and lots of love and laughter.
Jun. 25 - Guatemala
Changes Are Happening in Guatemala
A new padre and a gift from Germany that everyone can enjoy.
Jun. 22 - Mexico
A Second Chance At Life
NPH Mexico provides security, protection to children affected by poverty, violent crime and imprisoned parents.
Jun. 21 - Bolivia
My Favorite Memory
A hermana mayor tells us her favorite memories while growing up at NPH Bolivia.
Jun. 21 - Haiti
With NPH Haiti, I can be someone special
The many opportunities that I received made me want to give back.

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