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Dec. 6 - International
Haiti Hero Wins Irish Red Cross Humanitarian Award NPH Special Needs Coordinator Gena Heraty is recognized for her dedication in caring for people with disabilities in Haiti.
Dec. 6 - International
First Woman To Become National Director of NPH El Salvador Dora Lemus will succeed Olegario Campos as the new National Director of El Salvador. Olegario is retiring after 20 years at the helm. Dora will be first woman to take on a permanent NPH National Director role.


Nov. 15 - Guatemala
NPH Guatemala helps homeless volcano victims find shelter and encouragement NPH helps families recover after the 2018 volcano eruption and start new lives.
Nov. 12 - Haiti
First-ever Graduating Class of NPH School Signals Triumph Born of Disaster The inaugural Class of 2019 completed their studies at the NPH EMAL school created in response to the tragic 2010 Haiti earthquake.
Nov. 11 - Haiti
NPH Impacts the Education Landscape in Haiti NPFS strives to build brighter futures for Haiti’s children through our education programs.
Nov. 11 - Haiti
St. Damien Hospital Holds Global Pediatric Conference in Haiti Two local doctors honored with official pediatric surgeon certification to mark opening ceremony of global gathering.
Nov. 11 - Haiti
Alfonso Leon Wins Prestigious Ohtli Award for His Commitment to the People of Haiti After decades abroad, Hermano Mayor Alfonso Leon receives the prestigious Ohtli Award from the Mexican government for mentoring and supporting youth in communities throughout Haiti.
Nov. 11 - Haiti
A Golden Opportunity for a Talented Young Footballer "My dream is to become known as a great football player around the world.”
Nov. 7 - International
Rafael Arce Becomes New National Director of NPH Peru Hermano Mayor "Rafa" Arce has a breadth of experience having fulfilled various positions in NPH in Peru and Honduras. The NPH family wishes him the best of success in his new role.


Oct. 23 - Haiti
Haiti: A Crisis Seemingly Without End An NPH staff person shares a firsthand account of life in Haiti today. As civil unrest and protests escalate, poverty deepens. NPH Haiti, however, strives to support the nation’s most vulnerable citizens.
Oct. 23 - Honduras
Dr. Edwin Vallecillo: From Pequeño to NPHI Medical Director NPH Honduras celebrates the appointment of Dr. Edwin Vallecillo to the position of NPH International Director of Medical Services. He hopes to inspire pequeños to pursue their dreams.
Oct. 14 - Mexico
Say it with me: Viva Mexico More than one thousand children take part in Mexico’s Independence day parade in Cuernavaca.
Oct. 11 - Haiti
Serving Others in the Face of Danger Since intense political unrest began in Haiti last month, just going to work has become an ordeal.
Oct. 10 - Peru
Express Yourself with Art NPH Peru welcomed Expresarte to Casa Santa Rosa; a team focused on socio-emotional development through expressive arts.
Oct. 10 - International
Welcome to the NPH Family: Jorge Villar Miguélez NPH is pleased to announce the appointment of Jorge Villar Miguélez as NPHI Director of Family Services. Welcome to the team.
Oct. 8 - Haiti
Fr. Rick Frechette: Burying the Dead, and Raising Cain The Ethical & Medical Advisor of NPHI shares his thoughts and experiences on the current social unrest in Haiti.


Sep. 30 - Haiti
Social Unrest in Haiti: The Impact on the NPH Family and the Nation NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on the current unrest in Haiti and the impact on NPH services and the population
Sep. 24 - International
Happy 50th Birthday in Haiti Haiti is experiencing more civil unrest, sparked by the current nationwide fuel shortages. Amidst the crisis, our Director of Special Needs programs at NPH Haiti, celebrates her 50th birthday with children, and a cat.
Sep. 20 - Peru
Small steps on the way to better oral health: UPC Dental Days For one week, 30 students from UPC School of Dentistry attended to all our children.
Sep. 20 - Honduras
NPH Honduras OneFamily Parent Workshop: Preparing for Adolescence NPH Honduras OneFamily program discusses strategies on how to support reintegrated children and their caregivers at the onset of adolescence.
Sep. 20 - Honduras
Bridging the Digital Divide at NPH Honduras A new project introduces tablets and computers to our home and promises to increase our kids’ technical skills and make learning fun.
Sep. 20 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Brings a Life of New Opportunities to One Mixteco Youth According to the OECD, in Mexico a young man with a college degree has a 78% better salary than a young man without one.
Sep. 20 - Mexico
Caps Off to the NPH Mexico Class of 2019 From kindergarten through to high school, our children and youth celebrated an emotional graduation week with families and teachers.
Sep. 20 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Celebrates 65 Years Hermanos Mayores lead the festivities at Miacatlán to celebrate the 65th Anniversary of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos.
Sep. 20 - Mexico
Fun, Music, Love, and Gratitude on Godparents’ Day 2019 NPH Mexico held its annual event dedicated to the people who show love to our children.
Sep. 19 - International
Stephen O’Mahony Becomes New National Director of NPH Honduras Steve O'Mahony succeeds Stefan Feuerstein who served as National Director for more than 10 years.
Sep. 19 - Guatemala
NPH Guatemala Soccer Team Wraps up Successful Campaign NPH Guatemala participates in championship at the Municipal Stadium in Parramos.


Aug. 16 - International
65 Years of Raising Children, Supporting Families, and Transforming Lives NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on our past and our future.
Aug. 16 - International
NPH at 65: Our Mission Lives On Executive Director Miguel Venegas shares his personal NPH history.
Aug. 4 - International
An NPH Hermano Mayor Takes a Leadership Role Dr. Edwin Vallecillo is appointed as NPHI Director of Medical Services.


Jun. 19 -
65 Years!
Jun. 13 - Mexico
High School Students from NPH Mexico Excel at Entrepreneurial Contest Smart Close is a lock that adapts to any door or customer preference.
Jun. 13 - Peru
Older Siblings Remember Their Youth Hear from two hermano mayores about post-NPH life as adults, who still fondly remember their time in the NPH family.
Jun. 13 - Peru
A School for Parents Helps Families Stay Strong NPH Peru's School for Parents provides support and assistance to families who will soon reunite with their children.


May 9 - Haiti
The Quiet Power of Deep Faith: Sr. Philomena Perrault This week we mourn the passing of an NPH founding sister and a contemporary of Fr. Wasson. Fr. Rick Frechette shares a personal reflection on the power of Sr. Philomena Perrault.


Apr. 18 - International
An Easter Reflection: Our Children's Way of the Cross and Resurrection NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares a moving perspective on Christ's Passion through the eyes of a child.
Apr. 10 - Honduras
NPH Offers Reintegrated Youth a Full Spectrum of Care and Support The NPH OneFamily team describes the continuous care offered to families that have been reunited through NPH’s help.
Apr. 10 - Haiti
Premature Newborns Have the Best Chance for Survival at St. Damien Learn about the extensive range of care St. Damien Hospital provides to prematurely born babies.
Apr. 10 - Haiti
Good Nutrition Combats Many Childhood Ills at NPH Haiti Raising healthy children is hard in a country or family plagued by poverty. At NPH, children are free to learn, play, and grow as they should, without worry for their health, nutrition, and other critical needs.
Apr. 10 - Haiti
Lifesaving Surgery Defies National Crisis A mother reflects on the lifesaving care her daughter received. And she thanks NPH Haiti for providing reliable, no-cost care to those who need it.
Apr. 10 - Haiti
St. Damien Pediatric Hospital's High-Risk Maternity Ward: A one-of-a-kind program in Haiti NPH Haiti's pediatric and maternity programs have evolved to fill a critical care gap. Beyond meeting an important need, the team brings healthcare excellence to an underserved population.
Apr. 9 - Peru
Interdisciplinary Care for Children with Special Needs Multifaceted support helps NPH Peru successfully support children with special needs in our home.
Apr. 9 - Honduras
NPH Clinics Provide Valuable Services to Local Communities Learn about how our community clinic is working to provide quality healthcare to neighboring towns.
Apr. 9 - El Salvador
Healthcare for New Arrivals to NPH El Salvador A step-by-step guide to the thorough medical care that all of our children receive when joining our home.
Apr. 9 - Guatemala
NPH Opens a Day Care for Single Working Mothers Community and family strengthening programs, like our new Center for Daily Child Care, help families outside our walls find the stability they need to stay healthy and stay together.
Apr. 9 - Dominican Republic
Monte Plata Transition Home - A History The NPH Dominican Republic transition home works with government agencies to care for children rescued from high-risk situations.
Apr. 9 - Bolivia
An Opportunity for Spiritual Growth Longtime NPH priest Father Reynaldo Galindo joins NPH Bolivia with plans to bring additional energy to faith programs in the home and surrounding communities.
Apr. 9 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Cleans Cuernavaca: 65 Years, 65 Actions NPH Mexico took to the city streets to help clean up garbage, paint the streets, and otherwise make the city shine. It’s all part of our 65th anniversary yearlong celebration.


Mar. 17 - Peru
Local University Provides Dental Care for NPH Peru Thank you to the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences dental program for giving our children dental examinations!
Mar. 16 - Guatemala
Support for Staff Who Work with Children with Special Needs NPH staff share about the physical stress involved in caring for children with special needs and how a recent donation is helping them work better and more safely.
Mar. 16 - Haiti
NPH Haiti Children Compete in Special Olympics World Games in Abu Dhabi Gena Heraty, the director of the Special Needs Programs at NPH Haiti, tells the incredible story of how our children traveled across the globe to compete in the Special Olympics World Games.
Mar. 15 - Dominican Republic
Casa San Marco: A home for children with special needs NPH Dominican Republic has programs that serve a sizable population of children in the country who have special needs and don’t otherwise receive professional support or help.
Mar. 15 - Honduras
Heatwaves and Droughts Complicate Farming in Honduras What NPH Honduras' farmers are doing to ensure a productive season despite droughts and high temperatures.
Mar. 15 - Peru
Family Visit Day at NPH Peru A special day that merges NPH families and biological families for our children at NPH Peru.
Mar. 13 - Mexico
A Day of Learning and Joy for NPH Mexico’s Children The children encounter new experiences with all their senses.


Feb. 27 - Mexico
Female Empowerment Groups at NPH Mexico Chicas Poderosas, Young Ladies with Dreams
Feb. 27 - Honduras
Supporting Honduran Families Through Changes and Challenges How NPH is committed to strengthen families.
Feb. 16 - Haiti
The Fermenting of Wines and Revolutions, Fr. Rick Addresses the Political Situation in Haiti Fr. Rick Frechette reflects on the unrest unraveling in Haiti.
Feb. 15 - Haiti
Crisis Update: St. Damien Amid Political Unrest This just in from Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, medical director of St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
Feb. 14 - Haiti
Crisis Announcement: Political Unrest in Haiti NPH Haiti National Director Kenson Kaas gives on update on the political unrest in Haiti and how it is impacting our NPH home and family.
Feb. 12 - Honduras
What Home Means at NPH  NPH Honduras’ living spaces help children develop in a family-style environment.
Feb. 12 - Guatemala
Providing Safe Spaces for Children and Communities at NPH Guatemala At NPH Guatemala, children and young people have a safe environment to grow socially and professionally.
Feb. 11 - Honduras
Welcoming 17 Children with Special Needs to NPH Honduras The story of a cross-country journey to bring new members into the NPH family.


Jan. 16 - Mexico
Celebrating Epiphany at NPH Mexico Children dress up to re-enact the Gospel, while our staff prepares Christmas gifts and hugs for every child.
Jan. 11 - Peru
Renowned Physician and Writer Emilio La Rosa Visits NPH Dr. Emilio La Rosa traveled from his home in France to speak to NPH Peru about happiness and resilience.
Jan. 10 - Haiti
Remembering the Haiti Earthquake After nine years, the massive destruction of the Haiti Earthquake brings memories of immense pain and profound faith and love. Fr. Rick Frechette of NPH Haiti shares words of encouragement on this fateful anniversary.
Jan. 7 - Bolivia
Top 10 Memories of 2018 at NPH Bolivia Last year was full of laughter and accomplishments at NPH Bolivia. Here are some of our favorite moments.




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