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Dec. 9 - International
Christmas - A Time to Renew the Celebration of Life Christmas Reflection from Fr. Rick Frechette CP, DO
Dec. 9 - International
A Fresh Look at the Christmas Miracle Giving birth to Christ all year long.


Nov. 26 - Honduras
Parental Support for Reunited Families How NPH Honduras provides parental workshops and trainings for families in the NPH OneFamily Program.
Nov. 24 - Honduras
A Field Trip to the Zoo The NPH Honduras Montessori program organized its first big trip to Joya Grande Zoo. Read about their experience here!
Nov. 20 - Guatemala
Further Volcanic Activity from the 'Volcano of Fire' From the night of Sunday, November 18th through the morning of Monday, November 19th, Volcan de Fuego (“Volcano of Fire”) experienced an increase in activity, and the inhabitants of nearby communities were alerted.
Nov. 19 - Guatemala
The 5 Best Christmas Gifts Our NPH Guatemala reflects on how the best gifts you can give at Christmas are things you can't wrap in a box and put under a tree.
Nov. 1 - Haiti
Speciality Training Increases Ability to Care for High Risk Mothers and Infants Five St. Damien Pediatric Staff Train in Italy.


Oct. 31 - Mexico
Day of the Dead: Celebrating the Lives of Those Who Have Left Us Day of the Dead Mass is celebrated in the NPH Mexico High School.
Oct. 29 - Honduras
Weaving Values Learning a new craft can be fun and even instill you with important values.
Oct. 29 - Honduras
Celebrating Father Wasson Day Once every year, all of NPH unites in celebration of our founder’s legacy. Read about how Father Wasson Day helps us to reconnect to our history and our values.
Oct. 29 - Bolivia
A Big Birthday Weekend Birthdays plus adventure!
Oct. 29 - Guatemala
A 'Green Team' for Environmental Conservation We help our children develop values that encourage conservation of the environment.
Oct. 25 - International
NPHI Joins NPH USA In Concern for the Migrant Caravan NPH helps create effective and positive change in Latin America.
Oct. 23 - Peru
Children with Disabilities Have the Same Rights as Everyone Else NPH Peru offers individualized support to all children in our care.
Oct. 23 - El Salvador
Teaching for Life Receiving life skills is an essential part of NPH.
Oct. 16 - Dominican Republic
A Family for All Children We see the value and potential in all children, regardless of ability level.
Oct. 16 - Honduras
A Safe Environment at NPH Supporting efforts to protect vulnerable children who were removed them from their former residence.
Oct. 2 - Guatemala
Sacred Heart House - Individualized Care for Our Children with Special Needs Therapy, education and special support to children with disabilities.


Sep. 13 - Peru
Educating Leadership to Break the Cycle of Poverty NPH goes beyond the traditional education and provides international youth development programs to help form our children into strong leaders.
Sep. 13 - Guatemala
Backpack Campaigns for a Better Country An NPH Guatemala campaign provides the funds for community scholarships for our neighbors in nearby towns.
Sep. 7 - Haiti
A Visit to Haiti and A Learning Experience NPH Italy visitor group journal entries.
Sep. 7 - El Salvador
The Importance of Early Childhood Development Neurological research shows that the early years play a key role in children’s brain development.


Aug. 28 - El Salvador
Celebrating 12 Years of Blessings from Heaven Father William Wasson passed away on August 16, 2006. Since then, he has become an angel for all of the NPH homes.
Aug. 28 - Honduras
Making the Wait Worthwhile NPH Honduras' transition home, Casa Mi Esperanza, celebrates its one-year anniversary.
Aug. 24 - Bolivia
Winter Vacation Time – Play time! This year, our children had two weeks full of joy and fun thanks to a volunteer group of Spaniards, who did sports and other activities with them.
Aug. 15 - Haiti
Offering Health to Our Communities A pillar of the community - screenings, immunizations, pre-natal care and health education.
Aug. 14 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Celebrates Its 64th Anniversary! During this 64 years, NPH Mexico has helped thousands of children!
Aug. 14 - Haiti
NPH Spain's Visit to Our Family in Haiti The Director of NPH Spain reflects on the joys and struggles encountered in just one day of a visit to NPH Haiti.
Aug. 8 - Haiti
Help Us Celebrate Fr. Rick's Birthday! Your gift helps supports the life-saving work of Fr. Rick and the NPH Haiti teams.
Aug. 6 - Mexico
Helping Break the Poverty Cycle in Mexico Graduations 2018: kindergarten, elementary and middle school graduations.
Aug. 6 - Mexico
Changes Imply Great Rewards It is "Change of Sections" day at NPH Mexico!
Aug. 6 - Honduras
Educational Success in the NPH OneFamily Program Ismael* and his family are thriving in school and at home in the NPH OneFamily program.


Jul. 31 - Mexico
Little Kids of the Mountains With Big Goals Ten new children from Pojayal, Chiapas joined the NPH Mexico family!
Jul. 23 - Mexico
Rhythmic Dance Contests to End Another Year in School Our traditional End of School Expo celebrated all of the achievements and hard work from the past year.
Jul. 23 - Honduras
NPH Honduras Welcomes Father José Careaga to the Family NPH Honduras welcomes Father José Careaga as our new on-site, volunteer priest.
Jul. 18 - Honduras
The Social Work of Combatting Child Homelessness in Honduras Nidia, Director of the Social Work Department, talks about how NPH Honduras is helping reduce child homelessness.
Jul. 13 - Haiti
Celebrating the End of the School Year with an Excursion Helping children discover their strengths and greatness.
Jul. 13 - Mexico
College Students Offer Workshop To The High School Students The “Mentes Abiertas” program aims to broaden the high shool students vision.
Jul. 12 - Guatemala
Putting Children First and Keeping Families Together It is an honor for NPH Guatemala to be invited to two workshops hosted by the National Adoption Council.
Jul. 10 - International
Just the Beginning Seattle Institute participants graduate from the program and return to their countries to embark on a new chapter
Jul. 9 - Haiti
NPH Haiti Family is Safe Third day of protests and violence.
Jul. 6 - International
Planting Seeds and Making Dreams a Reality NPH staff complete the three-week Emerging Leaders program at iLEAP


Jun. 28 - Honduras
Community Education and Prenatal Care NPH Honduras takes the lead in providing prenatal care information to the surrounding communities.
Jun. 28 - Mexico
A Special Day For Our Global Family Godparent's Day is one of the most special celebrations at NPH Mexico.
Jun. 28 - Mexico
NPH Vocational Workshops - Building Skills for Work in the Future "Give a fish to a man and you will give him food for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for the rest of his life." Chinese proverb.
Jun. 27 - Nicaragua
Update: Civil Unrest in Nicaragua As violence and civil unrest continues, our family in NPH Nicaragua remains safe and continues to pray for their country.
Jun. 23 - International
NPHI Joins NPH USA and Religious Leaders in Condemning Executive Order NPHI Board President, Reinhart Koehler comments on separation and detention of families at the U.S. / Mexico border.
Jun. 22 - Guatemala
NPH Prepares Professionals, Dreamers and Entrepreneurs A wonderful young lady who is currently in her year of service.
Jun. 22 - Peru
Pallares: Delicious and Nutritive Food Zero hunger with sustainable practices.
Jun. 12 - Guatemala
From Ashes to Hope NPH continues to provide support to the community in any way that we can.
Jun. 11 - Mexico
Christening the New Kids at NPH Seven new children are baptized at NPH Mexico.
Jun. 6 - Haiti
The Importance of Providing Training Visiting experts help advance our staff in our special needs programs.
Jun. 5 - Honduras
A Student and Trail Blazer Sandra, a participant in the NPH community scholarship program, reflects on her education and goals for the future.
Jun. 4 - Guatemala
NPH Update: Volcano Eruption in Guatemala A volcano 20 kilometers from our NPH Guatemala home erupted on the morning of Saturday, June 3rd. Our NPH family is safe and secure, and severe damages are reported in other parts of the country.
Jun. 4 - El Salvador
Memories Made at the Farm Visiting NPH El Salvador’s farm is always an adventure.
Jun. 4 - Peru
"I Was Hungry ..." - NPH Peru Helping Our Community NPH Peru remembers giving aid to the community following the "El Niño" flooding a year earlier.
Jun. 4 - Mexico
Dealing With Worms - Taking Steps to Healthy Development Educational campaigns help teach preventative habits to keep unhealthy things out from the start.
Jun. 4 - El Salvador
Learning About Water Care at School The importance of teaching about water from a young age.
Jun. 4 - Peru
NPH Peru Celebrates Godparents' Day Our NPH Peru Family had a day of games and treats in honor of the godparents around the world who support us.
Jun. 4 - Mexico
A Wondeful Children’s Day Celebration For Our Kids! At the end of April, the school teachers at NPH Mexico throw a day of activities to celebrate ‘Children’s Day.’
Jun. 4 - Mexico
Celebrating Mother's Day! The primary and secondary schools organized a beautiful festival dedicated to the women who care for our children.


May 7 - Bolivia
Inside – Outside - Start from the Top of the Teeth Nilab and Lynn, a dental hygienist and a dentist from the Netherlands, talk about their recent trip to NPH Bolivia.
May 4 - Peru
Holy Week at NPH Peru A week of activities to remember Christ's great sacrifice for all humanity.
May 4 - Peru
Making Our Children's Smiles Last Long A new dental check-up program helps protect our children from losing their teeth.
May 4 - El Salvador
Angels Secretly Working for our Children We are grateful to everyone who helps support our mission.


Apr. 26 - Haiti
Welcoming Archbishop Mesidor to NPH Haiti Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs - NPH Haiti - received an official visit from Monseigneur Max Leroy Mesidor, the Archbishop of Port-au-Prince.
Apr. 24 - Honduras
Secure Environments for University Studies A university student shares his thoughts about security in Honduras and his studies to become a social worker.
Apr. 22 - Peru
Summer Vacation at NPH Peru Entertaining activities kept our children busy during the school break.
Apr. 22 - Dominican Republic
NPH International Meeting in the Dominican Republic 2018 Attendees learned, shared, enjoyed, and experienced Dominican culture.
Apr. 22 - Mexico
Celebrating Women's Day At NPH Mexico Our Chicas Poderosas program organized an event on International Women's Day
Apr. 10 - Haiti
Connections Across Oceans - Miss Italia and NPH Haiti Martina Colombari, actress, model, and former Miss Italia, shares the impact that NPH has had on her.
Apr. 4 - Guatemala
Planting Dreams An interview with a year-of-service child about his dream job and its potential to break the cycle of poverty and malnutrition in Guatemala.
Apr. 2 - Mexico
Sixteen Youths Graduated From University This Year We celebrated the end of this important stage in the lives of our 16 youths with a party.
Apr. 2 - Honduras
Turning Back the Clock on Child Labor Mackens, a 7th grader here at NPH Honduras, has found a space to learn, grow, and simply be a kid.


Mar. 20 - Guatemala
Pentecost is more than a celebration A girl from the NPH OneFamily Program shares the way she celebrates the religious festivities of Guatemala.
Mar. 20 - Peru
This Summer Vacation with the Most Exciting Rhythm! Life is more beautiful with music.
Mar. 20 - Bolivia
Healthy Nutrition for Healthy Kids The nurse of NPH Bolivia shares the important role that nutrition plays in the home.
Mar. 14 - Honduras
Held Together by NPH On March 12th, NPH Honduras welcomed eight new members to the family.
Mar. 5 - Bolivia
Let's Go to the Movies! A Treat for Our Star Students. The two top students from each grade spend a fun-filled afternoon together.
Mar. 5 - Peru
All United by Hope and Faith - Pope Francis Visits Peru Thank you, Pope Francis, for your visit.
Mar. 1 - Guatemala
10 Ways to Say 'I Love You.' An external student at NPH Guatemala and his mother share 10 tips to strengthen and maintain a good relationship.


Feb. 26 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Aids Relatives Of Our Children After The Earthquake NPH Mexico supports Mr. Raymundo to rebuild his home after the September 19, 2017 earthquake.
Feb. 26 - Honduras
Biking Towards Physical Development! With repaired bikes, the children of NPH Honduras are growing and learning.
Feb. 26 - Honduras
Small Steps at Pasos Pequeñitos An NPH Honduras childcare program is helping single mothers get back on their feet.
Feb. 23 - Bolivia
"I Take Care of My Younger Brother" Keeping brothers and sisters together is one of the main goals of NPH.
Feb. 8 - Mexico
Since the Earthquake Hipólito,* a 3rd-grade boy, tells us how his lifes has been since the earthquake in Mexico.
Feb. 4 - Mexico
Chicas Poderosas: the Value of Empathy Chicas Poderosas visited "Las Palomas" Nursing Home
Feb. 2 - Haiti
Our Athletes - Proudly Representing Haiti at the Special Olympics Jacinta McGuane, Associate Manager of the NPH Haiti Special Needs Program, shares this monumental event with us.


Jan. 31 - Guatemala
Christmas and Advent at NPH Guatemala Christmas time is family time at NPH Guatemala.
Jan. 30 - Mexico
Magical Three Kings Day At NPH Mexico The Three Kings visited every room in Miacatlán, leaving a gift for each child.
Jan. 30 - Mexico
Piñata Contest at NPH Mexico A traditional piñata contest took place at Casa Buen Señor in Cuernavaca.
Jan. 23 - Honduras
Narciso* Reflects on Faith Narciso*, a child here at NPH Honduras for most of his life, reflects on the importance of faith.
Jan. 18 - Mexico
The Desire to Overcome is Inherited by Family She is the last of the family to graduate high school, and is waiting to enter college to continue fulfilling her dreams.
Jan. 12 - Peru
"NPH Has Given My Life a Whole New Direction" A college-aged NPH youth shares his future plans, his success in school, and how NPH has gotten him to where he is today.
Jan. 5 - Honduras
Therapy and Growth A child with a history of malnourishment, excels with the help of Occupational Therapy.
Jan. 1 - Bolivia
Top Highlights of 2017 Reflecting on the activities and accomplishments of the past year.
Jan. 1 - Honduras
Top Ten Moments of 2017 from NPH Honduras These special moments helped define 2017 for NPH Honduras.




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