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Oct. 21 - Dominican Republic
Our Voices: José from NPH Dominican Republic José has been living at Casa Santa Ana, NPH Dominican Republic, for the past eight years. Here he shares his thoughts about the COVID-19 and his hopes for the future.
Oct. 14 - Honduras
Our Voices: Margot from NPH Honduras Margot* is a second-year university student who also helps as an educator and caregiver at NPH Honduras. In this letter, she shares her feelings about the pandemic and how thankful she is to be part of NPH.
Oct. 8 - Bolivia
Our Voices: Mayra from NPH Bolivia Even though *Mayra is concerned about her family and friends during this pandemic, she knows that she can put her faith in God.


Sep. 28 - Mexico
NPH Mexico: We Pray For You Children at NPH Mexico share their thoughts and feelings through art work during the COVID-19 pandemic, while also praying that their godparents and donors are safe.
Sep. 28 - Honduras
Our Voices: Julian from NPH Honduras Welcome to Our Voices: a series of letters written by children and youths in the NPH family. Julian*, who is 15-years-old, begins by telling us about the COVID-19 quarantine at Rancho Santa Fe.


Aug. 19 - Mexico
“Nothing Shall I Fear!” 25 year-of-service youth begin a bold new chapter at university


Jul. 28 - International
Keeping Calm under Quarantine Caring for mental health can be challenging in a lockdown. A Family Services expert discusses the importance of reassuring teenagers and keeping anxiety at bay.
Jul. 27 - International
The Future of the NPH Volunteer Program Though the program was suspended earlier this year due to COVID-19, Program Coordinator Lauren Pach says applications are now being accepted for the next term in October.
Jul. 22 - Honduras
Casa Mi Esperanza Celebrates 3-Year-Anniversary NPH Honduras celebrates three years of managing its transitional home in the department of Olancho.
Jul. 20 - Haiti
NPH Haiti: Special Needs Update from Darlene Darlene provides an update on the Special Needs Program at NPH Haiti during COVID-19.
Jul. 17 - Mexico
NPH Mexico: College Graduates of 2020 You believed in them and now they have succeeded.
Jul. 3 - Haiti
NPH Haiti: Special Needs Update Hear the latest from Gena Heraty on how our NPH Haiti Special Needs family is doing and how they continue to reach out to the community.


Jun. 29 - El Salvador
NPH El Salvador: "We are with you" Boys at Casa Sagrada Familia send messages of love and hope to godparents and donors around the world.
Jun. 2 - International
A Message of Support to the NPH Global Family in the U.S. NPHI Executive Director Miguel Venegas comments on the social unrest affecting hundreds of U.S. communities


May 27 - Nicaragua
A Glimpse of Life at NPH Nicaragua Take an exclusive look into our home in Nicaragua, Casa Padre Wasson, home to over 250 children.
May 25 - Bolivia
A Tour of the NPH Bolivia Home The National Director of NPH Bolivia, Tom Kuiper, takes you on a tour of the Casa Padre Wasson home.
May 21 - Bolivia
Bolivia: Episode 2 of the NPH Open Home Watch episode 2 of NPH's Open Home series, featuring NPH Bolivia National Director Tom Kuiper and moderator Griffin Jones, a former volunteer at Casa Padre Wasson.
May 21 - El Salvador
Dr. Karla Monterrosa Answers COVID-19 Questions Youths at NPH El Salvador asked their COVID-19 questions to Dr. Karla Monterrosa. This is what she had to say...
May 15 - International
NPH Family Celebrates International Nurses Day Director of Medical Services, Dr. Edwin Vallecillo, pays tribute to the nurses throughout the nine NPH homes.
May 15 - Nicaragua
NPH Nicaragua: Happy Anniversary Message Marlon Velásquez, National Director of NPH Nicaragua, celebrating the 26th anniversary of the Casa Padre Wasson home with a message to the NPH family.
May 15 - Mexico
Rafael Bermudez: Impact of COVID-19 on NPH Mexico National Director, Rafael Bermudez, talks of the impact and the needs of NPH Mexico.
May 15 - Honduras
Open Home Episode 1: NPH Honduras - Extra Questions National Director of NPH Honduras, Stephen O'Mahony, answers additional questions to the "Open Home Episode 1: NPH Honduras" series.
May 5 - El Salvador
NPH El Salvador Brings Hope and Provisions to Vulnerable Communities Inspired by our founder’s philosophy, NPH El Salvador helps hermanos mayores, community families, and those caring for vulnerable groups during the nationwide COVID-19 quarantine.
May 1 - Haiti
St. Damien Sews Face Masks To Save Money and Lives To curb the growing costs of PPE during the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital staff sew face masks to protect both frontline healthcare workers and patients.


Apr. 30 - Bolivia
What NPH Bolivia Needs To Make It Through COVID-19 Ever increasing prices for essentials like disposable gloves and flour have put a strain on the monthly budget and routine activities that keep NPH Bolivia running smoothly and protected from the COVID-19 virus.
Apr. 30 - El Salvador
NPH El Salvador Evolves To Meet Changing Needs in the Pandemic Like homes and communities around the world, Casa Sagrada Familia bears the brunt of supply shortages, escalating costs, and local panic.
Apr. 28 - Haiti
NPH Haiti: Battling COVID-19 by Producing Its Own Hand Sanitizer St. Damien Pediatric Hospital is in good stead to fight COVID-19, having produced its own hand sanitizer since 2013.
Apr. 28 - Honduras
NPH Honduras Is Protected in Crisis by One of its Own: Dr. Dora Berríos When she was a little girl, Dora Berríos dreamed of becoming a doctor. Today, the hermana mayor is head of health services at NPH Honduras and leads the fight against COVID-19 at Rancho Santa Fe.
Apr. 27 - International
Stimulating Children's Minds in a COVID-19 Lockdown Markus Streit, Coordinator of NPHI Family Services, looks at the important role of caregivers to help calm nerves and stimulate our children's minds during the isolation of the pandemic.
Apr. 20 - Nicaragua
New Challenges Need New Solutions in a Global Pandemic From sewing face masks to sermons via WhatsApp, NPH Nicaragua adapts to new roles in the fight to keep COVID-19 at bay.
Apr. 20 - Haiti
Blog: NPH Haiti Prays for Strength Gena Heraty, Director of Special Needs Programs, admits she feels small in the face of COVID-19 and the struggles of daily life in Haiti. And yet, she still has hope.
Apr. 16 - Honduras
Photo Essay: Quarantine Can’t Confine Their Faith at NPH Honduras Despite the protocols of physical distancing resulting from COVID-19, NPH Honduras nurtures the spirituality of the children and youth.
Apr. 15 - Dominican Republic
Photo Essay: Easter Activities at NPH Dominican Republic’s Casa Santa Ana Semana Santa is a time to celebrate faith and family, to give thanks for the blessing of health and moments of joy in these dark times.
Apr. 15 - El Salvador
Photo Essay: Living the Catholic Faith at NPH El Salvador Despite the COVID-19 global pandemic, our home in El Salvador celebrated Holy Week in a unique way and reinforced the Christian values kids are taught in NPH homes.
Apr. 15 - Peru
Photo Essay: Moments To Reflect Upon from Holy Week at NPH Peru Even though the Casa Santa Rosa home is in lock-down due to COVID-19, Holy Week proved to be a productive week for our children, staff, and volunteers.
Apr. 15 - Mexico
Photo Essay: Children Enjoy Easter Traditions at NPH Mexico Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, children at NPH Mexico enjoyed Easter festivities.
Apr. 10 - International
Reflection for Easter 2020 NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and offers a message of hope for Holy Week.
Apr. 9 - El Salvador
Wash Your Hands, Lavate Las Manos NPH El Salvador show you how to wash your hands the right way.
Apr. 9 - Guatemala
Leaving Guatemala amid COVID-19 lockdown A former Communications Officer recounts his experiences returning from the Central American country during lockdown due to COVID-19.
Apr. 9 - El Salvador
How El Salvador Says Hello There are so many safe and healthful ways to greet a friend these days
Apr. 9 - International
Stay Strong NPHI Executive Director Miguel Venegas gives words of strength during difficult times caused by COVID-19.
Apr. 1 - Dominican Republic
NPH Dominican Republic: We'll Get Through This Together Homework serves as a welcome distraction as children and staff witness the increasing spread of COVID-19 across Dominican Republic and the globe.
Apr. 1 - El Salvador
COVID-19: A Physician Faces Her Greatest Challenge NPH El Salvador’s main physician helps protect hundreds of children and staff from the threat of a global pandemic.


Mar. 31 - Peru
Volunteers Lift Spirits of NPH Peru Under Quarantine In the face of COVID-19 and national quarantine, one U.S. volunteer chooses to stay in Peru to support the children and caregivers of Casa Santa Rosa.
Mar. 27 - Haiti
NPH Haiti and St. Luke Prepare for COVID-19 The novel coronavirus has reached Haiti. NPFS, St. Damien, and St. Luke stand ready to meet this global pandemic as best they can.
Mar. 26 - Mexico
NPH Mexico Adopts COVID-19 Safeguards While Upholding the Call to Serve Children and employees receive training on prevention and safety in the fight against coronavirus. Meanwhile, the NPH Mexico family continues to grow.
Mar. 26 - Bolivia
NPH Bolivia: Staying Busy During Quarantine With free time owing to a 14-day nationally mandated quarantine, our children find creative and fun ways to keep busy.
Mar. 24 - Honduras
Amid chaos, we stand united National Director Stephen O'Mahony shares the difficult decisions he and his team made as the coronavirus pandemic entered Honduras, and the acts of selfless caring that mark the NPH Honduras family.
Mar. 20 - Honduras
NPH Honduras Highlights Its Heroes Amid the Coronavirus Crisis Even before coronavirus descended on the nation, NPH Honduras implemented preventive measures to ensure the health of its children.
Mar. 20 - Dominican Republic
NPH Dominican Republic Takes Preventive Measures To Protect Children While COVID-19 has led to two deaths in the Caribbean nation, NPH Dominican Republic puts measures in place to ensure children remain safe
Mar. 20 - El Salvador
NPH El Salvador Children Send Love to Virus Sufferers As COVID-19 grabs the world's attention, our children in El Salvador pray for those suffering from the virus and busy themselves with healthy endeavors in their NPH homes
Mar. 16 - International
A Note of Encouragement During Troubling Times Reinhart Koehler, President of NPHI, shares his thoughts, prayers and a note of encouragement to those affected by the Coronavirus crisis.


Feb. 27 - Mexico
Mexico’s Casa Nolan Is Reborn More than two years after a major earthquake struck central Mexico, rebuilding is complete with the opening of Father Wasson’s former home.
Feb. 22 - Mexico
OneFamily Program Continues To Expand in Mexico NPH Mexico advances successful family reintegration across the largest country in our childcare system, supporting children and their biological families to reconnect and adapt.
Feb. 10 - International
Dr. Edwin Vallecillo: Crafting a Vision for Better Patient Care Halfway through his first year as an NPHI director, Dr. Vallecillo shares his vision for Medical Services in 2020.
Feb. 6 - Haiti
Year in Review: NPFS Boasts Olympians and Top-Mark Graduates in 2019 From winning gold at the Special Olympics to achieving a 100% pass-rate, see how the children of NPH Haiti came out victorious in a year of political and social upheaval.
Feb. 6 - Peru
Year in Review: Change Brings Renewal to NPH Peru in 2019 From sustainability projects in agriculture to education programs that support parents in the community plus a new National Director, 2019 was an exciting year for NPH Peru.
Feb. 6 - Mexico
Year in Review: NPH Mexico Gives Even More to Local Communities in 2019 From health and sustainability to community projects, NPH Mexico went a long way in completing its long-term objectives in 2019.
Feb. 4 - Guatemala
Year in Review: NPH Guatemala Strengthens Local Communities From building houses for volcano victims to building a childcare center for single mothers, see how NPH Guatemala continued to grow in 2019.
Feb. 4 - Bolivia
Year in Review: NPH Bolivia targets quality of life in 2019 NPH Bolivia continued its strategic focus on supporting children and communities with special projects in agriculture and construction, plus high-potential local fundraising initiatives.


Jan. 22 - El Salvador
Year in Review: NPH El Salvador Helps Children and Youth succeed in 2019 Education and career support helped pequeños of all ages prepare for a future of their own making at NPH El Salvador in 2019.
Jan. 22 - Honduras
Year in Review: NPH Honduras Makes Great Strides in 2019 Welcoming special needs children, building in local communities, and developing leaders are among the 2019 achievements for NPH Honduras.
Jan. 15 - Honduras
Career Counseling from Older Siblings NPH Honduras and One World Surgery partner to provide nutritious meals and career advice to Honduran youths on their way to the working world.
Jan. 13 - International
Ten Years: Daring To Hope Special Needs Program Coordinator Gena Heraty shares a touching poem about the 2010 Haiti Earthquake that reveals lasting pain for lives lost and enduring optimism for a country she loves.
Jan. 12 - International
Haiti Earthquake: 12 January 2010 On the 10th Anniversary of the Haiti Earthquake, Reinhart Koehler remembers the many thousands of Haitians that lost their lives, while also sending his gratitude to those who responded at a time of need.
Jan. 10 - International
St. Damien Endures: 10 Years after the Haiti Earthquake National Director Dr. Jacqueline Gautier recounts the horrific moment 10 years ago when the Haiti Earthquake struck and how St. Damien turned tragedy into opportunity.
Jan. 9 - International
Everyone in Haiti Lost Someone On a trip to visit college friend and NPH Haiti volunteer Molly Hightower, Rachel Prusynski describes how a magnitude 7.0 earthquake rocked the Caribbean country and changed her life forever.
Jan. 9 - International
Haiti Just After the Quake From grassroots fundraising to working with cancer patients, a former volunteer shares vivid memories of loss and joy in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake.
Jan. 6 - International
The Importance of the Epiphany Reinhart Koehler shares Epiphany message with the NPH family, remembering the significance and importance of the tradition.




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