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Yipppiee, it's vacation time.
(NPH Bolivia)


Aug. 31 - Haiti
Making an HIV Free Future a Reality in Haiti Dr. Jenny Edouard and her dedicated team at St. Damien’s Pediatric Hospital.
Aug. 26 - Haiti
Strengthening the Nursing Education at St. Damien Pediatric Hospital Learning how to provide more care for our children in Haiti.
Aug. 21 - Haiti
The Power of Strength and Encouraging Words The Impact of NPH Haiti Special Needs Program, Kay St. Germaine.


Jun. 23 - Haiti
With NPH Haiti, I can be someone special The many opportunities that I received made me want to give back.


May 23 - Haiti
Jean-François Graduates from University of Portland Jean-François Seide went from sleeping on the streets to heading to Oxford
May 10 - Haiti
Family Day at NPH Haiti We are thankful for all our Godparents, visitors and volunteers around the world.


Mar. 25 - Haiti
Her Way of the Cross Heaven and earth were locked in an embrace, under the names of love and sorrow, under the names of Marise and Ronel.
Mar. 13 - Haiti
Saving Lives Cardiac Pediatric Surgery at St. Damien
Mar. 4 - Haiti
Our Special Olympic Athletes Five youths travel to the US to participate as representatives of Haiti in the Special Olympics.
Mar. 1 - Haiti
NPH Haiti’s 2015 Accomplishments Without your generous support, all of this would not be possible.


Feb. 24 - Haiti
A New Park For Kay St. Germaine A new park for students brings infinite opportunities for play and learning.


Jan. 11 - Haiti
Haiti Earthquake Anniversary; Human Spirit and Faith We are grateful to all of you who continue support of our mission.
Jan. 11 - Haiti
With Gratitude, What We Accomplished With Your Help! Sixth anniversary of the Haiti earthquake.
Jan. 10 - Haiti
Christmas Highlights A wonderful holiday experience at NPH Haiti.



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