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Oct. 19 - Nicaragua
Workshop Certification 2015
Workshop certification means that our students are prepared to find more opportunities.
Oct. 14 - Nicaragua
Reforestation Day Chronicles
In light of Pope Francis' encyclical concerning the environment, NPH Nicaragua decided it was time to go "greener."


Sep. 28 - Nicaragua
Independence Day in Nicaragua
A celebration of freedom and peace through Central America.


Aug. 30 - Nicaragua
Construction of a New Chapel
On the ninth anniversary of Fr. Wasson, NPH Nicaragua dedicates a new church.
Aug. 29 - Nicaragua
Celebrating the Anniversary of Fr. Wasson
The 9th anniversary of Fr. Wasson's death brought the whole family together to celebrate his memory as well as a special event in our home.


Jul. 22 - Nicaragua
Quinceañera Celebration 2015
The celebration of a person's 15th birthday is very important in Nicaragua and our pequeños have a big celebration in July.


Jun. 30 - Nicaragua
NPH Nicaragua Celebrates 21 Years
In May 2015, NPH Nicaragua celebrated 21 years as a family with games, presentations, mass, and most importantly, the entire family.
Jun. 8 - Nicaragua
Thank You Godparents
Godparents Day was a day to celebrate important people and all that they do for us.


May 25 - Nicaragua
The Journey of a Pilgrim
Learning about the love of God, faith, and themselves.
May 11 - Nicaragua
Frank Krafft Visits Nicaragua
We celebrated a visit from Frank Krafft and his family during Easter. He learned a lot about the history of NPH Nicaragua and Fr Wasson.


Apr. 13 - Nicaragua
Roosters and Paint
New art program is initiated


Feb. 25 - Nicaragua
They're Off to University
Our pre-university students have recently finished their year of service and will be starting university in the next month.
Feb. 24 - Nicaragua
First Week of School and Many Changes
With the first week of school comes many changes for NPH Nicaragua.


Jan. 27 - Nicaragua
Growing Our Spirituality As A Family
Spiritual retreats for all of our pequeños help the entire NPH family to deepen our Catholic roots and strengthen our faith.
Jan. 19 - Nicaragua
A Family Christmas
Our celebration of Christmas at NPH Nicaragua as one huge family

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