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Stiven* enjoys spending time with his caregiver
(NPH Nicaragua)


Nov. 1 - Nicaragua
Children of NPH Nicaragua Celebrating Independence Day! Patriotic holiday celebration in Nicaragua.


Oct. 9 - Nicaragua
Tropical Storm Nate and it’s Aggressive Path over Nicaragua A collaboration between NPH and SOS Children's Villages in Nicaragua led to the safe accommodation of 36 children from SOS at NPH facilities
Oct. 6 - Nicaragua
Visitor's Day at NPH Nicaragua Children reunite with their biological family at the home and everyone spends time together.
Oct. 6 - Nicaragua
Quinceañeros at NPH Nicaragua The NPH family celebrated the 15th birthday of twelve students.
Oct. 5 - Nicaragua
Tropical Storm Nate Update Our children, staff and volunteers are safe.


Aug. 16 - Nicaragua
Camping with the NPH Family NPH Nicaragua's camping trip made for two days to focus on our family values.
Aug. 8 - Nicaragua
Vacation Time at NPH Nicaragua NPH Nicaragua students had a two-week break from classes and made the most of their time off.
Aug. 4 - Nicaragua
Home Away from Home How one of the 'Programa Amor' students from the community receives opportunities for education, support, and fun in the NPH family.


Jun. 5 - Nicaragua
NPH Nicaragua Celebrates 23 "Super" Years Three days of superhero-themed activities made for a grand celebration of the home's 23rd anniversary.


May 1 - Nicaragua
New Carpentry Workshop at NPH Nicaragua The newest of Nicaragua's workshops had its inauguration and is fully equipped with tools.


Apr. 13 - Nicaragua
Chatting about Eggs and Easter with Martin The story of a boy who is now strong and healthy! He has lots to share with us about his favorite foods.
Apr. 5 - Nicaragua
Making Strides with Physical Therapy Learning a new language and the ability to walk!



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