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Yipppiee, it's vacation time.
(NPH Bolivia)


Oct. 13 - Nicaragua
Gallo Pinto is a Main Staple Gallo pinto is the main staple of Nicaraguan cuisine and is enjoyed every day by children at NPH Nicaragua.


Sep. 7 - Nicaragua
Holistic Education at NPH Nicaragua A great education and many other services to help our kids grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.


Aug. 5 - Nicaragua
The Gift of Therapy and Much More After being born four months premature, Marisol, now five, is learning how to move and making great improvements.


Jul. 7 - Nicaragua
Chicken and Egg Production at NPH Nicaragua A sustainable part of our agriculture program.


Jun. 27 - Nicaragua
Happy 22nd Anniversary NPH Nicaragua NPH Nicaragua celebrated their 22nd anniversary with lots of fun, mud, and family.


May 2 - Nicaragua
When Godparents Become Family Alba and her siblings found a new sense of family unity with their godparents.


Feb. 1 - Nicaragua
Family and Mercy Are The Focus The events from the month of December at NPH Nicaragua.



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