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Cultural dance outfits
(NPH Guatemala)


Dec. 8 - Guatemala
21 Years of Love and Care Marking the 21st year of caring for and educating youth in Guatemala


Nov. 24 - Guatemala
Graduation Day at NPH Guatemala Fr. William Wasson once said, “Education will take my children out of the poverty into which they were born.”
Nov. 6 - Guatemala
Celebrating Children's Day at NPH Guatemala Children had an amazing time with friends and staff on their very own day at NPH Guatemala.


Oct. 24 - Guatemala
Celebrating 196 Years of Independence in Guatemala The month of September stands for the Independence of Guatemala from the Spanish conquerors in 1821.


Sep. 14 - Guatemala
Preparing For Her Future Through Baking Learning important skills to use in life.
Sep. 8 - Guatemala
Keeping Families Together NPH supports families from the community so that they can stay together.


Aug. 30 - Guatemala
Hermanos Mayores visit our NPH home “Hermanos Mayores” are our Big Brothers and Sisters who started their independent lives.
Aug. 30 - Guatemala
20th Aniversary of the Educational Center NPH A week full of activities to celebrate and to reflect.


Jul. 11 - Guatemala
Nature and Hard Work Provide Us with a Variety of Healthy Foods Cultivating vegetables for healthy meals.
Jul. 5 - Guatemala
Second Anniversary of our Famous Tienda Sonrisa The Tienda Sonrisa is the popular store in our school at NPH Guatemala.


Jun. 26 - Guatemala
The Dream of our Family Bakery Second anniversary of our own cafeteria at NPH Guatemala.
Jun. 5 - Guatemala
First Science Fair at the Educational Center of NPH Guatemala Our first scientific competition was a success!
Jun. 2 - Guatemala
Education is Key to Escaping the Cycle of Poverty Clarita lives with her family near Parramos and loves attending Montessori School at NPH.


May 18 - Guatemala
Holy Week at NPH Guatemala "The celebration of Easter is an even wider and deeper story of redemption, of being brought back for God.” Father Rick Frechette
May 16 - Guatemala
Education is a Core Program at NPH Homes Mid-March Brings Exams to NPH Guatemala


Apr. 5 - Guatemala
A Love for Life A youth with special needs shows that his love for life conquers all.


Mar. 28 - Guatemala
The Opportunity to Pursue Both Knowledge and Faith Five siblings from the community can follow their academic track and religious traditions.
Mar. 17 - Guatemala
Returning Home Orlando Ramos Returns to Guatemala as Our New National Director
Mar. 6 - Guatemala
Annual February Meetings at NPH Guatemala Every February, NPH leaders travel to one of the NPH homes for business meetings, mission reflections and family time.


Feb. 3 - Guatemala
From Malnourishment to a Healthy Future Arturo lived in unfortunate conditions before arriving at NPH, but his future is looking bright.



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