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Two of our quinceañeras
(NPH Peru)


Nov. 16 - Guatemala
Rocio's Backpack She didn't dare to dream of an education, now Rocio is at university studying psychology, thanks to NPH.
Nov. 4 - Guatemala
Commemorating Peace in Guatemala NPHG is accorded a very special honor to mark the 20th anniversary of the Peace Accord.


Oct. 13 - Guatemala
Eat Well and Live Better The Nutrition program at NPH Guatemala keeps our kids fit and well.
Oct. 5 - Guatemala
The Quinceañera Experience Celebrating some very special birthdays with one fantastic fiesta.


Sep. 26 - Guatemala
Education For All NPH Guatemala works to educate all types of children.


Aug. 18 - Guatemala
My First Job An excellent new opportunity for NPH and our university students.
Aug. 17 - Guatemala
Community Dental Clinic How NPH Guatemala is helping local children keep healthy teeth.


Jul. 27 - Guatemala
Meeting Mr. President A group from NPH Guatemala get to meet their country’s leader.
Jul. 7 - Guatemala
Sustainability at NPH Guatemala Taking up the Zero Hunger Challenge and creating economic, environmental and social sustainability.
Jul. 6 - Guatemala
Not Just Clowning Around Eso Es comes to NPH Guatemala - bringing Clown Therapy and lots of love and laughter.


Jun. 25 - Guatemala
Changes Are Happening in Guatemala A new padre and a gift from Germany that everyone can enjoy.


May 10 - Guatemala
Generous Godparents of NPH Guatemala Godparents are an integral part of our family at NPH.
May 2 - Guatemala
Family Bonding at NPH How NPH Guatemala created and maintains family ties.


Mar. 1 - Guatemala
Going To The Source A group from NPH Guatemala finds out where the products we use in our Family Bakery come from.



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