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Cultural dance outfits
(NPH Guatemala)


Jul. 11 - Guatemala
Nature and Hard Work Provide Us with a Variety of Healthy Foods Cultivating vegetables for healthy meals.
Jul. 5 - Guatemala
Second Anniversary of our Famous Tienda Sonrisa The Tienda Sonrisa is the popular store in our school at NPH Guatemala.


Jun. 26 - Guatemala
The Dream of our Family Bakery Second anniversary of our own cafeteria at NPH Guatemala.
Jun. 5 - Guatemala
First Science Fair at the Educational Center of NPH Guatemala Our first scientific competition was a success!


May 18 - Guatemala
Holy Week at NPH Guatemala "The celebration of Easter is an even wider and deeper story of redemption, of being brought back for God. Father Rick Frechette
May 16 - Guatemala
Education is a Core Program at NPH Homes Mid-March Brings Exams to NPH Guatemala


Apr. 5 - Guatemala
A Love for Life A youth with special needs shows that his love for life conquers all.


Mar. 17 - Guatemala
Returning Home Orlando Ramos Returns to Guatemala as Our New National Director
Mar. 6 - Guatemala
Annual February Meetings at NPH Guatemala Every February, NPH leaders travel to one of the NPH homes for business meetings, mission reflections and family time.



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