Amy Schaltegger - Volunteer Coordinator

US Volunteer
NPH Honduras

Almost two and a half years ago I arrived at NPH Honduras full of anticipation and hope. I longed for the opportunity to serve an organization whose ideals I believed in and to have a chance to live the NPH value of unconditional love. Two and a half years and 5 jobs later, Ive learned about NPH, the kids and myself, but most of all Ive learned about love. The love Ive felt and the way Ive felt it has changed, but the fact that 60 teenage girls, one little boy, and countless other pequeños have taught me about love is a constant.

In September 2000, the seven-year-old boy my parents sponsor got very sick with an AIDS related illness. My hermanito (my little brother) was losing weight quickly and there was little hope. My schedule that had formerly been working by day as a volunteer coordinator and spending evenings with my home of teenage girls quickly changed into spending all day and many nights in the clinic with my hermanito. I neglected my job and my girls and in doing so learned the biggest lesson about love that NPH has taught me.

My girls, the young women who I took care of as a caregiver, began to take care of me. They knew my hermanito was sick and they knew about our special relationship. No one asked me why I wasnt spending time with them, instead they began to seek me out and worry about me.

Tia, how is your hermanito doing? Tia, we saved food for you. Tia, are you getting enough sleep? Tia, were praying for the little boy. As I put all my energy and love into caring for such a sick little boy, I was filled up again by many special young women who have learned not only to be loved, but also to give love and give it freely.

My hermanito got better miraculously and my girls and I fell back into our old routine. There have been many special moments before last September and since, but looking back on my time at NPH I will always remember when I learned the most about love.



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