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November 2015

   November 1 - All Saints´ Day

Organization:  NPH Mexico - Mexico
Description:  On November 1st, NPH Mexico commemorates All Saints´ Day by celebrating the birthdays of all of the children in our home. The children wake up early to have a special breakfast and cake together and then have the day off from school and chores to celebrate together.
Location:  Casa San Salvador (Miacatlán) and Casa Buen Señor (Cuernavaca)  [map]
Contact:  Kimberly Wassil (co.mx@nph.org)

   November 2 - Día de los Muertos

Organization:  NPH Mexico - Mexico
Description:  On November 2nd, Mexico celebrates el Día de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) to remember and honor the deceased. At NPH Mexico, our children celebrate with Mass and by making altars in honor of our founder Father Wasson and our loved ones who have passed away.
Location:  Casa San Salvador (Miacatlán) and Casa Buen Señor (Cuernavaca)  [map]
Contact:  Kimberly Wassil (co.mx@nph.org)

   November 7 - Quinceañera Festivites

Organization:  NPH Bolivia - Bolivia
Description:  The 15th birthday of a girl, also known as the "quinceañera" in Central and South America, is an important day in the life of young girls coming of age. This year, six of our girls also marked their 15th birthday. Their journey from childhood to maturity is for us a special occasion we want to celebrate with family members, caregivers, volunteers and visitors on the 7th of November.
Location:  NPH Bolivia Carretera a Santa Rosa del Sara Kilómetro 14 San Ignacio del Sara Santa Cruz Bolivia  [map]
Contact:  Jamila Noeprick (jamila.noeprick@nph.org)

   November 8 - Visitors Day

Organization:  NPH Honduras - Honduras
Description:  A day for family and loved ones to visit children at the Ranch, and meet NPH staff. Caregivers and volunteers organize games and activities for children who don´t have visitors.
Location:  Rancho Santa Fe  [map]
Contact:  Amanda Thomas (co.hn@nph.org)

   November 15 - I Golf Tournament NUESTRO PEQUEÑOS HERMANOS

Organization:  NPH Dominican - Dominican Republic
Description:  With the great from the AMBAR association, we have organized the first fundraising golf tournament.
Location:  Guavaberry Country Club  [map]
Contact:  Rosisert Reyes (fr.do@nph.org)
Phone:  +1-829-380-2197

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Fr. Wasson visits the jail.
(NPH Mexico - 1954)


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