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March 2015

   March 29 - Arrival of our Italian Visitors
Organization:  NPH Peru - Peru
Description:  For the first time, we are having a visiting group from Italy!
Location:  Casa Santa Rosa, NPH Peru  [map]
Contact:  Anna Hester (co.pe@nph.org)
   March 31 - April 5 - Holy Week
Organization:  NPH Honduras - Honduras
Description:  NPH Honduras will be celebrating Easter with usual religious celebrations before and during Holy Week: Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday, and Easter Sunday.
Location:  Rancho Santa Fe  [map]
Contact:  Karl Groneman (co.hn@nph.org)
   March 31 - Recreation and Vacation
Organization:  NPH El Salvador - El Salvador
Description:  A day of swimming at the river to enjoy a day of fun.
Location:  Rio Lempa  [map]
Contact:  Brenda Maria Mendez (ad.sv@nph.org)
Phone:  (503) 7860-9562
Fax:  (503) 2487-1532

April 2015

   April 2-5 - Easter at NPH Mexico
Organization:  NPH Mexico - Mexico
Description:  Our high school students from Casa Buen Señor travel to Casa San Salvador to celebrate Easter together. The weekend´s festivities includes Mass, a water fight and an Easter egg hunt.
Location:  Casa San Salvador, Miacatlan  [map]
Contact:  Amanda Thomas (co.mx@nph.org)

May 2015

   May 16 - Godparents Day
Organization:  NPH Mexico - Mexico
Description:  Each year NPH Mexico takes a day to celebrate and honor the sponsors (or "godparents") of our children who help support our home. The day is filled with activities and games, and then followed by a Mass to give thanks and prayers for our godparents.
Location:  Casa San Salvador, Miacatlán  [map]
Contact:  Amanda Thomas (co.mx@nph.org)


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