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Dec. 8 - Guatemala
21 Years of Love and Care
Marking the 21st year of caring for and educating youth in Guatemala
Dec. 4 - Dominican Republic
NPH Honors the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
A celebration for NPH youth with disabilities and those in the local community.
Nov. 24 - Honduras
Staffing For Success
How commitment to new employees is shooting Casa Mi Esperanza off to a successful start.
Nov. 24 - Mexico
Celebrating 33 Quinceañeras at NPH Mexico
One of the most exciting events of the year for our female teenagers at NPH is the Quinceañeras party.
Nov. 21 - Guatemala
Graduation Day at NPH Guatemala
Fr. William Wasson once said, “Education will take my children out of the poverty into which they were born.”
Nov. 13 - Haiti
Responding to the Need of our Northern Neighbors
NPH Haiti provides supplies to Hurricane Irma affected areas in Anse-A-Foleur.
Nov. 13 - Peru
Celebrating the Saint of the Broom in Peru
A day full of faith and fun.
Nov. 5 - Guatemala
Celebrating Children's Day at NPH Guatemala
Children had an amazing time with friends and staff on their very own day at NPH Guatemala.
Nov. 4 - Honduras
Older Brothers and Sisters Come Back to Visit
Former pequeños return to the ranch for an exciting event!
Oct. 25 - Mexico
NPH Youths Help Rebuild an Earthquake-Affected Community
Students lend a hand to build homes and deliver food.
Oct. 24 - Guatemala
Celebrating 196 Years of Independence in Guatemala
The month of September stands for the Independence of Guatemala from the Spanish conquerors in 1821.
Oct. 24 - Nicaragua
Children of NPH Nicaragua Celebrating Independence Day!
Patriotic holiday celebration in Nicaragua.
Oct. 23 - El Salvador
A Meal With My Family
Dinner time is always special at NPH.
Oct. 23 - Mexico
NPH Mexico's 2017 Christmas Card Collection and “Little Hands Painting Dreams” Project
Let’s continue transforming the lives of many Mexican children!
Oct. 23 - Peru
Helping Families Recover From Natural Disaster
Molto grazie Fondazione Francesca Rava - NPH Italia for your support!
Oct. 17 - Honduras
Honduras Independence Day Parade
Pequeños participate in local parade celebrating Honduran Independence Day.

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