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May 23 - Mexico
Honored by the Visit of Monsignor Ramón Castro Castro, Bishop of Cuernavaca
Our children were glad to receive Monsignor Ramon Castro Castro, Bishop of Cuernavaca in our home.
May 15 - Honduras
Boys at the Beach
13-year-old Mario* walks us through a weekend at the beach with the boys of NPH
May 14 - Guatemala
Education is a Core Program at NPH Homes
Mid-March Brings Exams to NPH Guatemala
May 5 - Guatemala
Holy Week at NPH Guatemala
"The celebration of Easter is an even wider and deeper story of redemption, of being brought back for God.” Father Rick Frechette
May 1 - Dominican Republic
Living Life with Dignity and Grace like NPH Taught Us
Two NPH youths explain how NPH impacted their life.
May 1 - Nicaragua
New Carpentry Workshop at NPH Nicaragua
The newest of Nicaragua's workshops had its inauguration and is fully equipped with tools.
Apr. 13 - Nicaragua
Chatting about Eggs and Easter with Martin
The story of a boy who is now strong and healthy! He has lots to share with us about his favorite foods.
Apr. 11 - International
The Chemistry of Redemption for Alourdes
The celebration of Easter is an even wider and deeper story of redemption, of being brought back for God.
Apr. 10 - Honduras
Finding Faith in All Forms
As Easter approaches, Religion Coordinator Federico speaks to the importance of art in religious education on the Ranch.
Apr. 5 - Dominican Republic
Cristela's Journey to the Santa Maria House
The Santa Maria house in the Dominican Republic helps Haitian children with cancer.
Apr. 4 - Nicaragua
Making Strides with Physical Therapy
Learning a new language and the ability to walk!
Apr. 3 - Guatemala
A Love for Life
A youth with special needs shows that his love for life conquers all.
Apr. 1 - Haiti
Miracles in Haiti Through Pediatric Healing
NPH Haiti St. Damien is the only hospital treating pediatric oncology in the country.
Mar. 24 - Peru
Flooding in Peru and Helping the Community
Our NPH Peru home reports that they are safe and lends a hand to help those in need.
Mar. 23 - Haiti
Cholera is Still Present in Haiti
Cholera remains an undeniable plague in Haiti, especially for those in poverty without access to clean water.
Mar. 20 - Honduras
The Winner Is...
How one pequeño wins a story contest on "A Better World"

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