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Feb. 15 - Haiti
The Fermenting of Wines and Revolutions, Fr. Rick Addresses the Political Situation in Haiti
Fr. Rick Frechette reflects on the unrest unraveling in Haiti.
Feb. 14 - Haiti
Crisis Update: St. Damien Amid Political Unrest
This just in from Dr. Jacqueline Gautier, medical director of St. Damien Pediatric Hospital
Feb. 12 - Guatemala
Providing Safe Spaces for Children and Communities at NPH Guatemala
At NPH Guatemala, children and young people have a safe environment to grow socially and professionally.
Feb. 12 - Honduras
What Home Means at NPH 
NPH Honduras’ living spaces help children develop in a family-style environment.
Feb. 11 - Haiti
Crisis Announcement: Political Unrest in Haiti
NPH Haiti National Director Kenson Kaas gives on update on the political unrest in Haiti and how it is impacting our NPH home and family.
Feb. 11 - Honduras
Welcoming 17 Children with Special Needs to NPH Honduras
The story of a cross-country journey to bring new members into the NPH family.
Jan. 16 - Mexico
Celebrating Epiphany at NPH Mexico
Children dress up to re-enact the Gospel, while our staff prepares Christmas gifts and hugs for every child.
Jan. 11 - Peru
Renowned Physician and Writer Emilio La Rosa Visits NPH
Dr. Emilio La Rosa traveled from his home in France to speak to NPH Peru about happiness and resilience.
Jan. 10 - Haiti
Remembering the Haiti Earthquake
After nine years, the massive destruction of the Haiti Earthquake brings memories of immense pain and profound faith and love. Fr. Rick Frechette of NPH Haiti shares words of encouragement on this fateful anniversary.
Jan. 7 - Bolivia
Top 10 Memories of 2018 at NPH Bolivia
Last year was full of laughter and accomplishments at NPH Bolivia. Here are some of our favorite moments.
Dec. 20 - Peru
NPH Family Visit Day
What happens on an NPH Family Visit Day?
Dec. 19 - Haiti
He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother!
A Christmas-time reflection from Fr. Enzo on suffering and reaching out to the most vulnerable around us
Dec. 11 - Dominican Republic
Newly Appointed Cruise Employees Set Sail
Four young men take off on an incredible opportunity with Mediterranean Shipping Company, embarking on a cruise to Europe as newly appointed employees.
Dec. 11 - Honduras
NPH OneFamily Reunion in Honduras
Participants of the NPH OneFamily program return to NPH for a reunion with their NPH family.
Dec. 11 - International
Christmas - A Time to Renew the Celebration of Life
Christmas Reflection from Fr. Rick Frechette CP, DO
Dec. 9 - Mexico
Quinceañeras: Growing Into Adulthood
What is it like to turn 15 in Mexico.

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