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Mar. 14
Held Together by NPH
On March 12th, NPH Honduras welcomed eight new members to the family.
Feb. 26
Small Steps at Pasos Pequeñitos
An NPH Honduras childcare program is helping single mothers get back on their feet.
Feb. 26
Biking Towards Physical Development!
With repaired bikes, the children of NPH Honduras are growing and learning.
Jan. 1
Top Ten Moments of 2017 from NPH Honduras
These special moments helped define 2017 for NPH Honduras.
Dec. 26
One Family, Back Together
Children and Youth in the NPH OneFamily program share their experiences.
Nov. 24
Staffing For Success
How commitment to new employees is shooting Casa Mi Esperanza off to a successful start.
Nov. 4
Older Brothers and Sisters Come Back to Visit
Former pequeños return to the ranch for an exciting event!
Oct. 17
Honduras Independence Day Parade
Pequeños participate in local parade celebrating Honduran Independence Day.
Oct. 15
Proyecto Family Meals
A unique program at NPH Honduras creates a space for sibling bonds to grow stronger over a tasty meal.
Oct. 6
Estefano and the Mini Congresso Infantil 2017
An NPH Honduras youth takes on the task of running for congress

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