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Jun. 4
Josué: Dedicated to Building Sustainable Skills
Josué’s family comes from a long line of plantain producers. Now, as part of a farming apprenticeship, he is learning about large-scale plantain production to help feed the NPH Nicaragua family.
Nov. 13
Our Voices: Katherine from NPH Nicaragua
Katherine is a university student and employee at NPH Nicaragua. As part of the Our Voices series, she shares her thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic and importance of having a godparent in her life.
May 27
A Glimpse of Life at NPH Nicaragua
Take an exclusive look into our home in Nicaragua, Casa Padre Wasson, home to over 250 children.
May 15
NPH Nicaragua: Happy Anniversary Message
Marlon Velásquez, National Director of NPH Nicaragua, celebrating the 26th anniversary of the Casa Padre Wasson home with a message to the NPH family.
Apr. 20
New Challenges Need New Solutions in a Global Pandemic
From sewing face masks to sermons via WhatsApp, NPH Nicaragua adapts to new roles in the fight to keep COVID-19 at bay.
Jun. 27
Update: Civil Unrest in Nicaragua
As violence and civil unrest continues, our family in NPH Nicaragua remains safe and continues to pray for their country.
Oct. 24
Children of NPH Nicaragua Celebrating Independence Day!
Patriotic holiday celebration in Nicaragua.

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