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Jan. 19
2021 International Day of Education
Education is a human right and the key to sustainable development. Education offers children a way out of poverty and a path to a promising future. Education is also a key program at NPH.
Dec. 28
New Year Message from Reinhart Koehler
The President of NPH International with a New Year's message for 2021.
Nov. 23
Thanksgiving of 2020
Reinhart Koehler, President of NPHI, sends his Thanksgiving message to the NPH family.
Jul. 28
Keeping Calm under Quarantine
Caring for mental health can be challenging in a lockdown. A Family Services expert discusses the importance of reassuring teenagers and keeping anxiety at bay.
Jul. 27
The Future of the NPH Volunteer Program
Though the program was suspended earlier this year due to COVID-19, Program Coordinator Lauren Pach says applications are now being accepted for the next term in October.
Jun. 2
A Message of Support to the NPH Global Family in the U.S.
NPHI Executive Director Miguel Venegas comments on the social unrest affecting hundreds of U.S. communities
May 15
NPH Family Celebrates International Nurses Day
Director of Medical Services, Dr. Edwin Vallecillo, pays tribute to the nurses throughout the nine NPH homes.
Apr. 27
Stimulating Children's Minds in a COVID-19 Lockdown
Markus Streit, Coordinator of NPHI Family Services, looks at the important role of caregivers to help calm nerves and stimulate our children's minds during the isolation of the pandemic.
Apr. 10
Reflection for Easter 2020
NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on the COVID-19 crisis and offers a message of hope for Holy Week.
Apr. 9
Stay Strong
NPHI Executive Director Miguel Venegas gives words of strength during difficult times caused by COVID-19.
Sep. 1
Planting Seeds and Making Dreams a Reality
NPH staff complete the three-week Emerging Leaders program at iLEAP

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