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Nov. 1
Rafael Arce Becomes New National Director of NPH Peru
Hermano Mayor "Rafa" Arce has a breadth of experience having fulfilled various positions in NPH in Peru and Honduras. The NPH family wishes him the best of success in his new role.
Oct. 10
Welcome to the NPH Family: Jorge Villar Miguélez
NPH is pleased to announce the appointment of Jorge Villar Miguélez as NPHI Director of Family Services. Welcome to the team.
Sep. 24
Happy 50th Birthday in Haiti
Haiti is experiencing more civil unrest, sparked by the current nationwide fuel shortages. Amidst the crisis, our Director of Special Needs programs at NPH Haiti, celebrates her 50th birthday with children, and a cat.
Sep. 19
Stephen O’Mahony Becomes New National Director of NPH Honduras
Steve O'Mahony succeeds Stefan Feuerstein who served as National Director for more than 10 years.
Aug. 16
NPH at 65: Our Mission Lives On
Executive Director Miguel Venegas shares his personal NPH history.
Aug. 16
65 Years of Raising Children, Supporting Families, and Transforming Lives
NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares his thoughts on our past and our future.
Aug. 4
An NPH Hermano Mayor Takes a Leadership Role
Dr. Edwin Vallecillo is appointed as NPHI Director of Medical Services.
Apr. 18
An Easter Reflection: Our Children's Way of the Cross and Resurrection
NPHI President Reinhart Koehler shares a moving perspective on Christ's Passion through the eyes of a child.
Dec. 11
Christmas - A Time to Renew the Celebration of Life
Christmas Reflection from Fr. Rick Frechette CP, DO
Dec. 8
A Fresh Look at the Christmas Miracle
Giving birth to Christ all year long.
Nov. 1
NPHI Joins NPH USA In Concern for the Migrant Caravan
NPH helps create effective and positive change in Latin America.
Sep. 1
Planting Seeds and Making Dreams a Reality
NPH staff complete the three-week Emerging Leaders program at iLEAP
Jul. 10
Just the Beginning
Seattle Institute participants graduate from the program and return to their countries to embark on a new chapter

Seeking Director of Medical Services
NPHI is embarking on a search for an individual to manage the healthcare of the children across the organization.

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