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Jan. 16
Celebrating Epiphany at NPH Mexico
Children dress up to re-enact the Gospel, while our staff prepares Christmas gifts and hugs for every child.
Dec. 9
Quinceañeras: Growing Into Adulthood
What is it like to turn 15 in Mexico.
Oct. 31
Day of the Dead: Celebrating the Lives of Those Who Have Left Us
Day of the Dead Mass is celebrated in the NPH Mexico High School.
Aug. 14
NPH Mexico Celebrates Its 64th Anniversary!
During this 64 years, NPH Mexico has helped thousands of children!
Aug. 5
Helping Break the Poverty Cycle in Mexico
Graduations 2018: kindergarten, elementary and middle school graduations.
Jul. 31
Little Kids of the Mountains With Big Goals
Ten new children from Pojayal, Chiapas joined the NPH Mexico family!
Jul. 20
Changes Imply Great Rewards
It is "Change of Sections" day at NPH Mexico!

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