Jose Luis Garrido

Sub-Director, Casa Buen Señor
June 8, 2008 - Mexico

Jose Luis Garrido with a group of boys at Casa Buen Señor

At any time of day, Jose Luis Garrido can almost certainly be found surrounded by a group of kids, all huddled closely. As more curious ears join the group, laughter erupts at a string of Jose Luis´ newest jokes. As sub-director, he loves clowning around with the young adults of Casa Buen Señor, and he does it well. The first to throw in a joke in every situation, he draws kids in like flies to a fly strip.

Although he can be laid-back when he interacts with the kids on a daily basis, he takes his job seriously. Any opportunity that he has to attend training sessions, he takes. These courses help him in his work to be able to identify potential psychological issues that the kids may have and teach him how to deal with these issues. There have been several instances in which Jose Luis has had the chance to help by talking and working through some kids´ issues. Receiving a hug or other form of acknowledgement from a kid who previously regarded him with disrespect is one of his proudest moments as sub-director.

Jose Luis has also had the opportunity to share his passion for graphic design with our young adults. Some have really taken an interest in the field and have developed their skills enough that they want to share their knowledge by teaching their younger brothers and sisters. To be able to share a part of his personality and to have another person adapt that for themselves is one of the most rewarding aspects of his job.

As an ex-pequeño, Jose Luis can relate to the young adults and advise them about their futures. He illustrates to them what it is like to live outside, away from the house, and he encourages them to take advantage of everything the house has to offer.

As far as growing, maturing, and overcoming their problems is concerned, Jose Luis reminds the kids that change takes time. Just like planting a seed, you can´t expect to be eating peaches tomorrow.

Emily Nott
Home Correspondent




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