Independence Day in Nicaragua

A celebration of freedom and peace through Central America.
September 23, 2015 - Nicaragua

Dancing during the parade

A day full of emotion and excitement, as well as nerves. That is how everyone felt on Nicaragua’s Independence Day this year. The 14th of September is the remembrance day of the Battle of San Jancito and on the 15th is the celebration of the signing of Independence. This time of year, Nicaraguans are especially proud of their country because they celebrate freedom and peace throughout Central America.

Every year our students are invited to participate in local parades by forming a band and a group of marchers and baton twirlers. The group started practicing every day a month and a half before the festivities started. Instruments had to be found for everyone that wanted to participate in the band and uniforms had to be prepared. In the end, all of the students loved their uniforms and enough instruments were found.

Once the day finally came, the group joined the community for dances, music, and of course the parade, where they were the first group and led the march. The week following, presentations were also given in the home, as well as to a couple schools in neighboring towns. This was the first year since the home’s move from the island that the home has been able to form a good band, partly due to having more instruments.

One of the volunteers expresses how special it was for her to be a part of the band, “it was beautiful to be a part of the group and part of something, to be a part of the family.” She describes how she was able to see that it was, and is, important for the kids and that they were so proud of themselves.

It is experiences like these that help our children stay connected to their roots and their Nicaraguan nationality. They get to participate as a family within the community that NPH is a part of. They also get an opportunity to try something new and practice their skills. Seeing the kids so happy and so proud of themselves is a beautiful thing.

Kay Bodmer   
Communication Officer




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