HAITI Father Wasson Center Petionville Update

Earthquake News Wednesday Evening
January 13, 2010 - Haiti


CNN estimates that 100,000 are dead after the 7.3 earthquake that rocked Haiti on late Tuesday afternoon.

The Father Wasson Center in Petionville, was a 7-story building that served as a guest house, volunteer residence, administrative offices and day school for children with disabilities. We received confirmation late Tuesday night that the building collapsed. School was not in session at the time of the destruction but we still do not know the extent of casualties since information is very limited due to no phone or internet service.

The St. Helen Orphanage in Kenscoff, 11 miles east of the epicenter, is located at 6,600 feet. More than 350 children live at this location and they are safe. There over 200 children who are in a external program living with peers in student homes or with extended family.

To view photos please visit: www.boston.com

To make a donation to support repair and relief efforts in Haiti please visit: http://www.nph.org

Or in the United States please visit: www.friendsoftheorphans.org

Monica Gery   
Information Officer




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