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This Girl Will Remind You of Your Big Sister

If you have an older sister this story will take you back.
November 11, 2014 - Bolivia

Every young adult at NPH does a year to two years of service back at their home before they go off to college. Then, NPH supports them for the entire duration of their studies.

Darlyn plays toss with one of our three year olds. [1/2]

They serve in various places such as the dining hall, the clinic, and some even care for the younger children.

While only being 20 years old, Darlyn* is a seasoned veteran in her year of service in the ¨baby¨ house for the children six and under.

Darlyn´s family was among the very first at NPH Bolivia. She and her four siblings (all of whom still live at NPH) moved into our old home in Santa Cruz the very first year in 2005.

At that point, now 9 year old Julissa* was just a baby. Darlyn was 11 years old and took a very active role. ¨I helped a lot with my baby sister, and I still do even to this day. She hasn`t known any life outside of NPH.¨

¨She was such a help, ¨ interrupts the caregiver of the baby house, Maria Alvarez, who is more affectionately referred to as Tía Patita. ¨She was about 12 years old, and she always helped me with the little ones. It was such a relief having her around and I´m so glad to have her with me now.¨

Darlyn is one of the oldest children at NPH now, and one the little ones look up to, yet much like your older siblings, she wasn´t always in harmony with her family environment.

¨I didn´t really like NPH at first, ¨ she recalls. ¨Even though it was in the beginning, it took me about three years to feel at home. Now I feel a part of NPH¨.

She is a part of NPH. When she comes back from her day off, the children shout out to her as they see her walk up the driveway. ¨Tía Darlyn!¨ they shout every time they want her to see whatever amazing thing they`re doing.

¨I wasn´t in Divino Niño (the baby house) at first. For the first few months, I was in the kitchen. Then (National Director) Tío Guzmán asked me to come here. I was so happy. I love being with the babies. I love them. They´re my family and I´ve been where they are.¨

Then, like a true proud older sister, Darlyn drops an uncontrollable truth.

¨Plus, they´re really cute.¨

*Names changed for privacy.

Griffin Jones   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson

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