Godparents' Love Felt an Ocean Away

Although *Jose and his Godparents live in different countries, they have formed a close bond.
April 2, 2018 - Dominican Republic

*Jose and his new binoculars. A gift from his godparents.

Jose* is 14 years old and loves video games, playing outside and spending time with his friends and family here at NPH. Jose and his two siblings Joseph*, younger brother, and Marily*, older sister, have been a part of the NPH family for almost five years.

They are all known to be very kind and relaxed children. These siblings share a lot of things: looks, demeanor, a last name, and international Godparents who have been by their side for most of their time in the NPH family.

For the past three years, Jose and his ‘padrinos,’ or godparents, have been forming a strong relationship, a bond that can be felt across the ocean from Chicago, USA to San Pedro de Macorís, DR. One reason Jose feels particularly close with his godparents is because they made the choice to sponsor both him and his siblings. At first they were only godparents of Jose’s younger brother. Once they found out he had two more siblings living in the NPH family, they chose to sponsor all three children. This is one reason he knows they care deeply for his entire family.

Due to the mailing challenges between the US and the DR, Jose and his godparents are only able to exchange letters four to five times a year. However, in the past three years, Jose’s Godparents have come to visit twice. This provides Jose with not only the ability to get to know his godparents, but also creates a deeper connection with them. A connection that he knows is strong even when his Godparents are not physically present. Jose knows that they are always thinking of him and his siblings and that they truly care about them.

Jose’s Godparents, also known as 'Padrinos', and their relationship have helped him through different struggles he has faced. Jose says, “My Padrinos have helped me with my studies, like getting through tough classes. Their support helps provide me with the things I need for school that I would not have otherwise.”

Jose’s Godparents really make a difference in his life. You can see this through his good grades and by watching the care he takes when writing them a letter. He is always happy to receive a card or note from them. “They always want to know how I am, what I’ve been doing, how school is going.”

Through these letters, small gifts, and their constant support, he can feel their love and care even when they are an ocean away.

*Names changed for privacy purposes

Gabbie Risolvato   
Communication Officer Assisant

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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