Achieving a Life-Long Dream

Ricardo is one of our university students - he is studying medicine to achieve his dream of becoming a doctor.
November 13, 2017 - Dominican Republic

Ricardo on his way to the University

Here in the Dominican Republic, NPH is proud to share that there are 27 young adults in universities around the country supported by NPH. They study a variety of subjects and are focused on improving not only their well-being but that of those around them as well.

One of NPH's goals is to equip high school graduates who are able to start their university studies or technical colleges for the workforce. Ricardo, one of the university students, wanted to introduce himself and share his story.

"My name is Ricardo, I am studying medicine, and I am in my ninth quarter. One of my professional goals is to finish studying general medicine, and take a specialized course in gastroenterology or gynecology. I am trying my best to learn everything I can while in school.

A personal goal of mine is to do more volunteering in communities in the Dominican Republic. I would like to visit 'bateys', neighborhoods that are usually home to sugar cane cutters and the poor, and small towns where it is difficult to find clinics. This way I can bring medications and provide primary care to people with few resources.

When I have a few free hours, I like to review my assignments, but what I really enjoy is reading. Sometimes they are not medical books, but literature that I enjoy on the side.

I started studying medicine with the idea to save lives and I still carry on with this idea. I do what is necessary to not deter from my studies and maintain my focus."

We are incredibly proud of Ricardo, of who he is, and also all that he has accomplished.

*If you would like to assist in our University program, to help Ricardo, and other like him to achieve their dreams, please contact your local NPH office!*

Kelsey A and Ricardo E   
Communication Officer Assistant and NPH University Youth

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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