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Discovering His Potential in Vocational School

Ensuring better lives for the future.
March 13, 2017 - Dominican Republic

Bruno with a bright smile

"Hi, my name is Bruno* and I would like to share part of my experiences with you.

After the death of my mother, my four siblings and I had no one to take care of us. We spent most of the time alone and developed health problems. In 2010 I came to NPH with my four siblings to live. When I first got here I would never have thought that I could find another kind of a family. It is a home where I can go to school and grow up. My siblings and I recognized that NPH is a big opportunity for us to become better people. Since I've lived in NPH I have become happier, I've received a lot of love and I started to go to school. My favorite subject is math; in general I'm good in all the subjects, just with English I have some problems. I should make an effort to become better in languages.

I am not just studying at the regular school, in the afternoons Im also going to the NPH vocational school to learn a technical profession; Monday and Thursday I go to the shoemaking classes and Wednesday and Friday I go to the cabinetmaking class. The cabinetmaking is my favorite. If I dont go to college I could work in this area. In this class I've learned other kinds of responsibilities too. I know that if you work hard, you will be satisfied when you see something finished and that other people are happy to have it.

The first day of the cabinetmaking class I was afraid; the teacher was serious and asked a lot of the students, and I was afraid to use the machines, but now I understanding why. I'm still learning a lot. This school is a big opportunity for me and other students to have a better future. I have to take advantage of this time, this is a facility that NPH gives us that is not free outside of NPH. I've made a lot of progress in this class, and I feel more confident about myself.

At the end I can say: never give up in front of life's obstacles, discover your potential and keep learning. Thanks for listening to my story."

These words come right from Bruno's heart to share with us. Along with Bruno, more than 70 students are attending the vocational school at NPH to learn different kinds of technical professions in order to ensure a better life in the future.

Thanks to all people who contribute to make this dream come true.

*Name changed for privacy purposes.

Daniela Candelario   
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson



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