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Yader works hard to adapt to life at NPH and excel towards his dreams.
February 28, 2013 - Nicaragua

Yader comes from a humble home. As a child he lived with his parents, a brother and two sisters in department of Boaco. He lived a happy life spending time between school, friends and family. Through an association of nuns who worked in the area, he had the support of some European sponsors who helped his family to meet their most basic needs. Everything changed when he has seven years old as his mother died. Life in Yader's house was transformed. His father could not bear the anguish and he found the solution to his problems in drinking alcohol. This caused him to forget his responsibilities in caring for his children and himself. Yader’s brother neglected his studies, and they all struggled without having a family support system or role models. So the years went by, until one day, one of the nuns who worked in Boaco spoke with him and his little sister about Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™, and the opportunities they could offer. She let them know that it could be a good home for them, and where they grow together as a large family. Then the procedures began for Yader and his younger sister who were incorporated into the NPH-Nicaragua family.

Yader [1/5]

Six years passed, and his little sister took her first steps in learning to walk at NPH. Yader remembers his first year as difficult with many changes, leaving behind everything known until then, his friends, his family. It was walking into the unknown with a new home, new friends, and new experiences. As the years passed, his other sibling also joined to NPH and they were reunited again. Now, Yader is fully integrated, happy and thankful for the opportunity that NPH gave them. Yader says, "NPH-Nicaragua gave me the security that I needed to teach me how to walk through the right channels of life, and to move forward reach my dreams and goals. Thanks to NPH, I could continue my studies, we were offered a home, food, and over time NPH became my family."

When Yader came in to the house he had finished his first year of secondary school. Yader was very happy in his fourth year as NPH supported him to study in the evenings a technician in auto mechanics. He finished his studies in auto mechanics this year. Yader combined his responsibilities and tasks in the home, with his studies to successfully complete secondary school and an auto mechanics program. He then began to study English at the University of Jinotepe. Yader believes that these opportunities will help him to pursue his dreams and a life he may not have lived without our supporters of NPH.

Yurena Perdomo Sosa
Communication Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson

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