"NPH is a Miracle and a Light that Illuminates the Path of People"

A young man with NPH Peru reflects on his gratefulness for NPH's support over his life.
May 4, 2018 - Peru

Rafael says that he "will be eternally grateful to NPH!"

Rafael, or ‘Rafa,’ has been a part of the NPH Peru family since 2005. He grew up without his parents, and for some time before joinng the NPH family, received support from his teachers and others in his community who gave him food and sent him to school. Now 24 years old, he always has a great smile on his face, and his attitude of service sets him apart.

Rafael is from Cajamarca, arriving at NPH Peru when our home was first located there. During his time with NPH, he has experienced much and has grown up in a good family atmosphere.

Since early childhood, he has liked reading, playing the guitar and teaching, and says, "I like to teach the little ones. Here I help them with their math assignments, just like at the university I used to help my classmates.”

Last year he finished his studies of Business Management. He studied this career "because since I was young, I was always interested in business. In the first semesters in university, I sold some things to have extra money and buy what I needed. " He was always very good at numbers, and after ranking very high in his class, he got a half scholarship to continue with his studies.

His desire to move forward always lead him to think about his goals: "I have many plans for the future, but one of the most important is to leave NPH Peru with a project, so they can be sustainable. This also is going to inspire the other children, when they leave the home, to leave their mark in some way, as a way of saying “thanks NPH” for everything they gave us. I also want to run my own business in the field of dairy products in Cajamarca, where I am from. I want to develop this project with two friends from our home who have already left. Although they are not my biological brothers, they are my brothers in life."

Rafael says that what he likes most about NPH Peru is "the brotherhood. When you leave NPH, you create a bond that you can’t easily forget. You will always feel that NPH is like your family; it's not like school, you attend classes and then finish it and everyone follows their path. NPH is different."

Rafa says he will be eternally grateful to NPH: "I owe everything to NPH. I owe everything to them. NPH has given me education, food, healthcare, the opportunity to grow as a responsible person, with values and principles. If it were not for NPH, I would not have finished high school or college. Like my brother who was also here, and now he is a Systems Engineer, I was able to finish my career."

In addition, he remembers with great affection the unconditional support of each of the caregivers who took care of him over these 14 years "I am deeply grateful to all the tios (uncle, the title of male caregivers at NPH). Especially tío Roger, who has always helped me a lot. When I was in school, I didn’t have good grades, and he always guided me, helped me with my homework, and was very patient with me. I even cried when I didn’t understand something, but he was always there. All the caregivers not only have helped me with the school tasks, but also taught me how to face problems in daily life."

Gratitude is a great virtue that opens many doors, and that’s why Rafael advises the little ones to "always be grateful to everything and everyone. NPH is a miracle and a light that illuminates the path of the people who are part of this family."

Cindy Supanta   
Communications Officer

You may be only one person in the world, but you may be all the world to one child.
—Fr. William Wasson




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