Health and Caring in Peru

The two-woman NPH Peru medical team does wonders to attend to the health of our children.
March 17, 2019 - Peru

Our medical team: Tía Giovana and Tía Jessica.

As in most countries, the availability and quality of healthcare in Peru is a topic that never strays too far from the country’s mind. A variety of challenges and barriers prevent many in the general population from accessing the care they need, especially in regards to the poorest and most vulnerable in the country. In light of this, NPH Peru steps in to help some of the country’s most vulnerable children access the medical care they need.

NPH Peru’s medical team is run by two incredible members of our staff, Tías Giovana and Jessica. (Tío and tía, or uncle and aunt, are titles that children use to address our caregivers and staff.) Tía Giovana, the program coordinator, has been with NPH Peru for several years, allowing her to fully understand the importance of providing the best possible treatment for our children.

"I have been working at NPH Peru for more than five years. Every day is different, as each child is unique. Therefore, each one needs patience and love, as they generally carry struggles or suffering from their past. As the great family that we are, we must give love to each child so that they feel protected as a part of this family.”

The children are clearly the center of her work. Her favorite part of her job is the interactions she gets to have with the children, supporting them through their physical ailments, of course, but also being able to provide a supportive presence of love and care as a member of the NPH family. And the children clearly appreciate her. Some of her best moments are seeing the gratitude of the children, be it through smiles, hugs, or ‘thank you!’ after a checkup.

"The kids appreciate your support, trust, and love, and often come to us [the staff] for advice or words of encouragement. It allows us to be not just medical staff, but good examples.”

Tía Giovana does not work alone here. She has the support of Tía Jessica, who has been working as a technician for nearly two and a half years. She shares more about her work.

"At NPH, we support the physical and emotional development of our children by providing caring medical attention, as well as encouragement and support."

Caring for the medical needs of our children is a titanic task. It requires lots of patience and, above all, a lot of love. Every day, they attend to the diverse needs presented by all those who live here. Thanks to them, our children can pull through whatever medical struggles they may face, and continue growing and developing in our loving family home.

Thanks to our medical team at NPH Peru.

Diego Falcón   
Communications Officer




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